** 2022 UPDATE ** This is a project I ran from 2007-2020 in Australia and The Netherlands. It’s not currently active, but I will keep this website as an archive of over 200 articles and experiences to share.  You can contact me via LinkedIn.  **

Do you juggle a business and family?  Combine children and career?  Whether you have a newborn or grown children, own your own business (or would like to!), work part or full time, or perhaps even taking a career break, you’ve come to the right place. No matter where you are in the world, Professional Parents is about supporting you to find your family work balance.  How?

  • Browse the blog for articles, ideas and inspiration on family work balance
  • Read more about how Professional Parents was started and what it’s about
  • Be inspired by interviews with people who balance business & family
  • Access some recommended resources on topics such as parenting and business
  • Share your story!  Everyone has great experience to share.