Pumpkin Scones recipe for busy parents

46513608_10161363857450311_9142623000967774208_nYesterday I shared this photo on Facebook.  I now live in the Netherlands and am trying to ensure my children still have some tastes of my native Australia.  I remember pumpkin scones and hadn’t had them since I was a kid – so when I had some leftover roast pumpkin I thought I’d try this out.  A friend asked for my recipe.  Here it is…

I threw in a chunk of butter, cut into pieces and then rubbed through a big pile of SR flour, added some mashed up roasted pumpkin and a bit of liquid coconut oil, mixed in a few splashes of milk, kneaded it, squashed it flat, cut circles from some random plastic container I found in a draw, popped them in the oven at somewhere at about 180 degrees and took them out round about when they looked a bit brown and smelt delicious.

Serve with butter and/or jam and cream.


Don’t tell the kids there is pumpkin in them until after they declare how good they are. Hide a few from the husband if you want any leftover for morning tea the next day.


As I have no idea if I can replicate this rare success, I have a back up plan – if they turn out hard next time instead of nice and soft, I’ll jut call them rock cakes instead.

Is this your kind of cooking?

Renee 🙂


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