There are a huge range of flexible education options with many utilising e-learning which make studying more compatible with parenthood.  Ranging from short courses to extended; formal qualifications to simple “how to”; from free to thousands of dollars, here are a few places to get started:

Professional Parents Events

Our events have been designed so that you can learn something each time.  These were originally held in Australia and now in The Netherlands.

Open Universities Australia

I completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Tourism) and studied throughout both pregnancies and while my children were babies.  It’s not always easy but wonderful that it’s possible to gain a recognised formal qualification that fits around being a parent.

TAFE Open Learning

With a wide range of certificates and diplomas on offer in Australia.

Brisbane North Institute of TAFE

This is just an example as it’s obviously location specific (and I used to be based in Brisbane) but use Google to find options closer to you if this one doesn’t suit.  There are lots of courses available from short non-accredited courses (ACE) in everything from food, wine & entertainment (even saw one course on how to “throw and amazing kids’ party!) to writing, photography and business & job skills.  There are also short accredited courses and longer diplomas, with face to fact, online and distance options.


Whatever you want to know, you can find it here!  Of course this is very casual learning but can often help you get through simple things you need to learn how to do.

My Future

Though this site is most likely aimed at school leavers, it can also be really helpful for those looking for a career change.  It gives lots of information about careers, occupations, course, industries and more.


This is mostly a learn-on-the job education!  There is a lot of information online to help you in this journey as well as a lot of classes to take from various “experts”.  Do you have any great links which you’ve used to help you on your parenting journey?  Let us know!

More Education Links:

Have you studied recently?  Or know of another website we haven’t included here?  Please contact us to share.

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