The Netherlands

Nederlanses vlag

From 2010-2012 I ran live events in Australia and in 2013-2014 ran live events in The Netherlands.  However now the Professional Parents Network is a predominately online network and you can visit the welcome page for details on how to get involved.

As I’m personally based in The Netherlands, I have also created a private Facebook group Professional Parents The Netherlands to discuss topics specific to balancing parenting and business in The Netherlands.  If you’re based in NL, come join us!

Below is a summary of past events in The Netherlands, held from 2013-14 which were a combination of social events and business meetings. I no longer organise events in The Netherlands, however am based in The Hague long term.  If you would like a speaker for an event on family, work balance or any of the other topics covered on this website, feel free to contact me!  Renée

2013-14 Professional Parents Network NL past events 

Clicking the dates below will take you to the (past) Facebook event details.

PPN meeting = All who balance business & family welcome (whether you own a business, would like to, or work part time or full time – or would like to).  There will be a guest speaker for a short presentation (around 15 minutes), a facilitated discussion and networking opportunities.  Casual and friendly, but structured program. Babies and children welcome.

PPN Business Brainstorming = Those who own a business (or would like to) coming together to brainstorm ideas to support each other and grow their business,  Casual and friendly but structured program.  Babies and children welcome.

PPN Social & Networking and Playdate = A casual event for like-minded parents to come together and have fun and network.  Babies and children welcome.


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