Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

It’s been a long time since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a movie.  Thanks to The Greatest Showman for bringing me that pleasure!

I first watched it while on holidays in Australia with my mum, then took my girls the week later while we were in New Zealand.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a movie in the cinema twice within such a short time frame and actually still enjoyed it both times.

I love that it appealed to all of us.  Already a fan of Hugh Jackman and think he rocks this role.  It’s a big, bold, colourful movie and a visual treat.  It’s one of those movies that is worth catching in the cinema.  Many of the messages in there spoke to me as well – of course the main one about accepting yourself but also having values and resilience.

I’m actually quite surprised how much my girls also enjoy the soundtrack.  Our favourite is “The Other Side” but also “The Greatest Show” and “This is Me” and the rest are good too.

Have you seen it?  What did you think?  Not seen it yet?  I highly recommend!


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