Professional Parents Businesses in The Netherlands

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It’s now been more than three years since I relocated from Australia to The Netherlands.  In my new “second home” country, I’ve been really pleased to see that there are also many parents here who choose to start a business to fit around their family.

I started Professional Parents in Australia in 2009 and so far have met hundreds of amazing parents who are balancing business and family around the world.    I’m grateful to the wonders of social media that I still connect with many of these daily.

Recently, I asked for parents to share in the Professional Parents The Netherlands Facebook Group if they had a business and was excited to see such a strong and diverse response.  Some of these parents I know personally and others I hope to meet sometime in the future!

There are five main reasons I have compiled this list: 

  1. To compile and showcase a list of the great talent here in the Netherlands of parents who balance business and family.  This is an ongoing list, so if you’d like to add your own business or know of one which is not yet here, please read below
  2. To encourage all of us to get to know what services are available from other Professional Parents and support each other
  3. To challenge the owners of these businesses to practice promoting themselves: I asked for their website and a one sentence summary.  As a marketing lecturer, I know that a very important measure of success is to be able to share your story as often as possible, and I wanted to offer an opportunity to do this.
  4. To give parents in other countries an idea of what kind of businesses parents have started up here in the Netherlands – just check out the diverse list below!
  5. Because I’m personally really interested in learning more about the amazing businesses out there run by other entrepreneurial parents.  I know how hard they work and when I need a service, I’d love to be able to spend my money in a way that directly supports other families.

The list is in the order of responses to the Facebook post.  I admit it is a little biased as it’s an English-language group – I’m still learning Dutch!  Several of the parents on this list are native Dutch but a majority are international parents who have made the Netherlands their home.  Dutch parents are most welcome to join!  All are either parents or providing a service that directly supports parents.

If you are in The Netherlands, I strongly encourage you to check out the websites on this list.  By supporting these Professional Parents Businesses you are making it possible for more of us to balance family and work successfully.

  • Rudi: Rudi Wells Photography: Pure Photography, Real Emotions, Beautiful Results
  • Claudia: Little Adorables: Baby and Kids Apparel.  Timeless, comfortable and easy to wear
  • Mia: Lotus Fish Yoga in Rotterdam:  Authentic, creative yoga.
  • Monica: Monica Sharma-Patnekar – not your typical consultant.  Creating brands and business with an intuitive, creative and entrepreneurial approach.
  • Sahana: Hooplah Communications: Copywriter/Communications Professional
  • Stephanie: Firefly Coaching: Igniting Your Small Business Success
  • Dawn: Dawn S. Black Photography: Landscape and Interiors Photographer and Photography Workshops
  • Barbara: Successful Speaker Now: Executive Speaker Coach for the C-Suite and for those who want to get there
  • Amanda: Amanda van Mulligen: Writer
  • Natalie: Natalie Carstens Birth Story Photographer: Silently joining you during labour and birth to document unique and special moments of connection, strength and love in beautiful black-and-white storytelling photographs
  • Lucille: Precious Child International Guestparenting: a small scale registers homelier for children of full-time working parents with demanding work schedules in Voorburg (website coming soon)
  • Marie: Attention 2 Being: Mindfulness and Self Compassion trainer and mentor – joining you on your journey towards greater strength, peace and emotional resilience: get to know that special place within to be kind to yourself during life’s storms
  • Lucie: Delft Business Consultancy: Stimulates the participation of internationals in the Netherlands as a project manager, adviser and translator
  • Josine: Energie Brigade: sports and coaching for mothers (to be) and kids.  Looking for trainers throughout the country!
  • Shawna: Reckoning: A non profit which focuses on developing character and leadership with youth and children using art and play
  • Pelin: Happy To Be Team: Creative English Language activities for children from 4 to 12 years old
  • Vanessa: Alice in Cakeland: Always fresh, American cupcakery
  • Elinor: Birth in Holland: Birth support for English speaking parents-to-be in the Netherlands
  • Theodora: The Los Angeles Method: Think, Feel, Act, Succeed.  Find your voice and Act on your Life using Acting and Life Coaching Techniques
  • Nancy: Nancy Mayer: Singing and Speaking lessons for enjoyment and confidence
  • Ute: Utes Expat Lounge: Coaching and Training for Internationally Living Families
  • Lana: Think Talk & Tinker: parenting workshops on learning, communication and play and Smart Tinker for educational toys
  • Laure-Anne: Canis Bonus: Effective and gentle dog training and behaviour therapy for dogs with behaviour problems
  • Hedda: Pier Design: Interior design studio specialised in project managing renovations
  • Eva: Eva Authentic Living: Guiding people to create a heart-centred life and career
  • Milena: Atelier Zoet: Unique tarts, chocolate and sugar art and tart decoration workshops
  • Vanessa: Vanessa Leyland Interiors: Interior Design Studio specialising in Interior Design, Decoration and Project Management
  • Rowena: Ganglion Software: Software for everyone: Developer Tools to apps, we make your life easier and more fun
  • Vinita: Vinita Salome Lifestyle Portrait Photographer: Documenting Glimpses of Family Lives
  • Jet: Expat Child Psychology: Supporting the social and emotional needs of expat children
  • Arwa: Tulip Web Solutions: Website Design, Ecommerce stores, Brand Identity Design and Mobile App Development: end to end, completely customised web solutions for clients for building and enhancing their online presence
  • Fleur: InTouch Expats: A not-for-profit community that welcomes all international families in Rotterdam-Delft-The Hague area.
  • Yolanda: Puck and Pumpkin: Dutch designer of unique kids products, available online in high quality
  • Karla-Maria: Karlando Music School: Teaching in English and Finnish.  Specialised in the early childhood music education and choir singing
  • Queendolly: Your Business Ally: Proactive virtual business assistant helping micro and small entrepreneurs in starting and growing their business by providing them with administrative, marketing and business development support
  • Oriana: Three Circles: Intercultural communication, coaching and training
  • Sara: Little Big Mouth: I am a voice, story & message mentor & trained coach and my ideal clients are sensitive, high-achieving mamapreneurs.
  • Ailsa: Healthy Happy Green: Delicious, organic, vegetable rich juices, cleanse programs and catering.
  • Sonia: HelloWorld Holanda: Your agency to travel, live and work in The Netherlands (in Spanish)

Wow, what a list!  There are still several Professional Parents Businesses in the Netherlands that I’m aware of that aren’t yet on the list, so I will add these soon.

Do you have a business or know of a business that is run by a parent in the Netherlands?  Please contact me with your name, website and a one sentence summary and I’ll add it.

I’d really like to encourage you to take a look at, get to know and recommend these businesses!  Even if you don’t need their services just yet, why not reach out to one and say hello?

You can also take a look at some of the individual profiles about parents balancing work and family.  If you’re a new visitor to this site, you can read more about me.

Wishing you a wonderfully balanced day,


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