Alla Novochenok-Serhan – SuperYam and Friends (Sydney, Australia)

Alla SuperYam


This post is part of a series of Professional Parents Profiles where working parents around the world share their stories and experiences of family work balance.  Whether you own a business, would like to or work full or part time, you can share your story too!   Together, we can all share ideas and inspiration to find better balance.  Please contact me.  Renee :)

Alla Novochenok-Serhan is 40 years old and started SuperYam™ and Friends 18 months ago.  She is based in Sydney, Australia.  Author and mother of two boys, Alla  has found a way to integrate young children’s superhero obsession with food education and it is because of her ongoing efforts, she was recently named as an Ambassador for the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a global initiative focused on fighting childhood obesity. Knowing only too well the challenges many parents face with getting their children to eat more fruit and vegetables, Alla has devised a creative way to connect with fussy eaters.

Brief description of “Life Before Children”

A well-groomed professional who enjoys spontaneous travel, shopping for high heels, dining out and sleeping in.

How does this compare to “Life After Children”

A self-confessed worry-wart with endless to-do lists that don’t include spontaneous travel, shopping for high heels dining out and sleeping in.

(Approximately )how many hours a week do you work?

20-25hrs paid and 80-90hrs unpaid

Are there any particular laws/initiatives in your country/location that support working parents?

Not that I know of. Childcare is very expensive in Sydney and the government subsidies are very inadequate.

What are the main challenges in your country/location in terms of achieving balance?

Living in an urban city we spend far too much of our free time stuck in traffic and relying on electronic devices for all sorts of help.

Your top tip/s for Family Work Balance:

Put down the phone and go for a walk as a family.

Why is it SO DARN HARD?


What was one of the most unexpected things about becoming a parent?

The worrying

What is one of the greatest wishes for your children? And yourself?

To worry less and have more gratitude

One of the moments you are most proud of in the last few months?

Running a successful campaign on Kickstarter

One of the biggest challenges in the last few months?

Navigating extended family dynamics

Share one of your favourite resources for working parents (website/book etc.)

Being part of Mama Creatives – an online Facebook community of like-minded mums with frequent face-to-face events that has become my support network and a vast pool of knowledge and resources

What kind of work does your partner do?

Managing Director of Z-CARD PocketMedia Solutions

What do you love about being a working parent?

Being able to utilize my brain and skill-set for other things that are don’t include the needs of my own family

What do you think is a myth about being a working parent?

That if it wasn’t for financial rewards we would all stay home

Do your children go to school/daycare/alternative child-minding? How often?

4 days per week

Do you and how do you support other working parents?

By encouraging flexible working hours and working from other locations than just the office

Describe your office

Anywhere that has access to internet

Describe your “typical” day or week

Monday-Friday, I usually work between 9-1030am then 12-7pm every Tuesday and Thursday and then every night between 930-1130pm; On the weekends it all depends on what is happening work/wise and family wise. Usually family time gets priority on the weekends.

One or two of your favourite Professional Parents Businesses

What are one or two of your favourite products or services?

Word Press

What was one of the most unexpected things about starting a business?

The power of social media

Where do you see yourself and your business in 1 year? 5 years?

1yr – having my 2nd book published

5yrs – having SuperYam™ become a household name with a strong brand value

What advice can you give others just starting out in business?

Have a clear plan of what you want to do

Is your partner/family/friends supportive of your business?

Most of the time – it’s one more hat that I need to wear that doesn’t often include them

What is your favourite thing about being in business?

Making a difference and having my voice out in the open forum

What do you think is a myth about being in business?

Successful businesses don’t fail

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