I Am Extra Special: Book series for parents to discuss important issues with children

Rosie bel birds and bees

Guest Post for Professional Parenting Network by Bel Messer of I Am Extra Special

Children look up to us as adults to tell them the truth. When they ask us important questions, it is good for their intellectual growth to be entrusted with an age appropriate and truthful answer.

This belief is precisely what led Rosie and I, to create our children’s books series I Am Extra Special.

An IVF Story, our first book, was written as a special keepsake for families.   Both of us realise the struggle that families will face when the find the time is right to explain how their precious one was created using IVF. Harvested, created in a laboratory, frozen, defrosted and transferred back inside the body. Wow. This amazing conception needed a special book. (Rosie and I both have naturally conceived babies and IVF babies)

The 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees is our second book. A modern look at conception, ALL types on conception in the 21st Century. Some parents who have conceived their children naturally can be put off or embarrassed to give the truth about how their babies were conceived. They may feel that sex is something that kids shouldn’t know about. But in fact, sex is all around them. Even if they try, they can’t escape it!

21st century cover

It’s on their TV screens, in the songs they listen to, in movies, magazines and on the radio, it’s printed on billboards when they drive past.   So learning about it from a parent or teacher in a safe and trusted environment is just plain common sense isn’t it?

Our books empower parents and teachers to educate young children at an early age, basic, interesting and age appropriate sex education.

Rosie and I are passionate about child protection and child safety, we believe that to educate a young school age child about their bodies and sex education is to give them the gift of power. It is also the perfect Segway to the ‘my body is my own’ conversation.

Children are fascinated by the cool stuff that happens when the sperm meet the egg. This knowledge coming from a trusted parent or teacher vastly outweighs the fear or embarrassment of explaining sex.

It is also important to remember: Dr Google is not a child’s friend.

You can find out more about I Am Extra Special here: 

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We also recently featured Bel here: Professional Parents Profile: Bel Messer

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