Do dads do things differently?

Do dads do things differently around the house?  This funny ad from GLAD about dad’s first time alone with baby is worth a watch.


My husband is a lean engineer, meaning its his life’s work to create and maintain efficiency.   Does he do that at home?  Well, in most cases I have created systems that work for me as I’m the one who has spent the majority of time at home with the girls.  However every now and then he has come up with a good idea for me to implement…I just can’t think of any right now!  😉

I do remember one time early on I left him at home with our youngest who was only a few months old and our other daughter, who was then a toddler.  I was only gone a bit more than an hour when I saw some missed calls and answered the next one, where he said he couldn’t get them to stop crying and could I please come home soon?  Fifteen minutes later, when I walked in the door, all was quiet.  The baby was asleep and my toddler said “Bella Baby was crying”!  (not sure if she was coached to do that…haha).

Seriously though, I think dads do a great job, sometimes it’s just hard for us mamas to let go and allow that to happen.  I’ve gotten pretty good at that now though.

Do you think dads do things differently?  Are you a dad?  Love to hear your comments below.

– Renee


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