Book recommendations for Professional Parents

Before my girls were born, I read all the time.  I loved curling up with a good book to inspire me, to teach me or simply entertain me.  Since becoming a mother, I’ve slowed down a little as I’ve had so many other priorities to fill my day – and by the end of the day I was so exhausted I’d rarely get through more than a page or two before falling asleep!

Now they are aged 5 & 7, I’m delighted that I seem to find time to read again.  So I thought I’d start a book list of things I personally recommend or that others have suggested may be of interest to me or other Professional Parents.


Some suggestions for the times you’d like to just totally zone out and get lost in a good book!

  • The Time Traveller’s Wife (lent to me by a friend, Annemiek, it was so addictive I finished it in about 24 hours!)


Some suggestions to inspire and guide you in your career

  • A Career in Your Suitcase by Colleen Reichrath-Smith and Jo Parfitt (a handbook for those who would like a portable career but also plenty of great advice in there for Professional Parents. I’m fortunate to know both authors, both very inspiring women)
  • Working Identity (recommended by Colleen, CJS Careers)

Balancing career and family

True resources for Professional Parents about balancing children and careers or business and babies.

  • Lean In
  • What Would Judy Say

Would you like to add to this list?  Contact me, I’d love to hear from you!  Renee



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