VLOG #05 – Parenting advice from my 7 year old and her bear

For this week’s vlog, I’m delighted to introduce my 7 year old daughter, Sophia, and her favourite bear, Rainbow.  When I said earlier this afternoon that I was going upstairs to make my weekly video, I asked if she’d like to join me – and was happy she said yes!

This is a totally unplanned and unscripted video, but is loosely based on the concept she began herself more than a year ago when we visited a friend of mine who was pregnant with her 3rd child.  This friend of mine just conversationally started talking to Sophia about having three children, and Sophia replied that Rainbow could help out with some advice, as she already had about 7!

I’ve always been interested to listen to my girls play with their toys, as it’s obvious that me working affects their views of the world – this mother bear and also their barbies and Lego Friends all “go off to work”.  Very different to when I was a child, I remember the mother Barbie staying home with the kids and Ken going off to work – reflecting my family’s situation.  Not that either is right or wrong, but I just find it fascinating to see the way children process these things so early on.

Most of all, don’t you just love her last tip….why didn’t I think of that?

Sophia asked who would see this video and I said whoever out there in the world would like to watch it – so we’d love to hear from you in a comment below, or over on our Facebook page.

8 thoughts on “VLOG #05 – Parenting advice from my 7 year old and her bear

  1. I love how Sophia is so sure of her answers, and the instant meal ideas from her iPhone! Think I have gained a few tips on parenting from the wise Rainbow… thanks for sharing Renée!

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