VLOG #02 – A typical family work balance week

Well it’s only week #2 and I’ve already broken two of the five rules I set myself last week!

Take a look at the blog post here to see what they were: VLOG #01 – Hello here I am

But I’m going to stick with it, and not be too hard on myself – here’s blog #02!  -Renee


4 thoughts on “VLOG #02 – A typical family work balance week

  1. NerdyMom

    Hi René! I really like you sharing all these things with us, at least I don’t feel alone with my crazy calendar addiction! 😀
    I’m also trying to blog now once a week, but I’m afraid that might be a bit too much for my plate… Don’t worry about changing your plans and rules, it’s great that you go out and to it! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Ildiko, great to get your comment! I’ll come and take a look at your new blog. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m trying to look at the “rules” now as more “guidelines” – I’m only on video 4 and so far have skipped one week and am a couple of days “late” for this one but at least I am proud to just DO IT! Wishing you the same. Hope to see you sometime soon! -Renee

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