VLOG #01 – Hello, Here I Am!

Hello, Here I am!

I’ve been recording videos like this “in my head” for a really long time.  I’ve found every excuse under the sun not to do it in reality.  I need the right lighting, backdrop, hairdo, make up, clothes, etc etc etc.  However the drive to share persists and today I decided to just DO IT!

My husband has taken our girls out for a few hours today and I’ve had some time to sit and breathe and think.  I decided to choose recording this vlog as one thing to do for myself that I’ve wanted to do for a while and keep putting off.

Here are the 5 rules I’m setting myself.  My videos will be:

1.   Weekly: I am making a commitment to myself that I will record a weekly Professional Parents VLOG (video blog) every weekend until the end of 2014.   (So this is #1 of 15).

2.  No more than 5 minutes – my husband and friends will confirm that I can talk forever, but the idea of these vlogs is just to give a short glimpse into my life.  Just enough time for you to grab a cup of tea or coffee.  You’re busy, I’m busy, but 5 minutes is manageable.

3.  Not edited….I’ve already watched this one a few times and found at least 5 things I REALLY don’t like and REALLY want to change.  However I’m going to fight that perfectionism and just share it.  For this first one, I’ve gone totally natural, as I figure if I start like that, I have no excuses left.  Then later, if I feel like doing hair, make up, working on my background, I can.  But if I don’t, I’ve already started and that’s the hardest step!

4.  Focussed on my quest for family work balance.  I love my kids and I love my career.  Trying to combine the two has been a challenge since before my first daughter was born.  I’ve been fortunate to meet hundreds of others doing the same, and firmly believe that by sharing our stories, we can support each other to find our own best balance.  Like so many of you that I’ve met, and what you may be thinking right now is “who cares about my thoughts and why does my story matter?”.  I am going to force myself to overcome this feeling as I’ve been inspired by so many others who have the courage so share.  We ALL have a story to tell and these videos are my way to share some of my story.

5.  An invitation for a a conversation – no matter who you are or where you are in the world, I’d love these videos to just be the start of a conversation. Please feel free to say hello back!

So here it is, my first vlog….I’m going to take a deep breath and press “publish”.. Hello, Here I Am!


2 thoughts on “VLOG #01 – Hello, Here I Am!

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