Praktijk Trotse Moeders (Practice for Proud Mothers), Delft The Netherlands

Praktijk Trostse MoedersMarga attended our March meeting of Professional Parents Network in Delft.  Marga is Dutch and runs the Praktijk Trotse Moeders.  She shared a little with the group about her interesting work and she’s written this article below in English for Professional Parents.  Marga will also share more at a future meeting in Delft.

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My name is Marga van Holsteijn, owner of Praktijk Trotse Moeders (Proud Mama’s).

Praktijk Trotse Moeders is located in the centre of Delft, at the Molslaan 121.

I help children by working with their mothers.

They can come to me with all questions and concerns about education, from toddlers to adolescents, for example:

  • He doesn’t want to go to school
  • She is always angry
  • I’m afraid I’m not a good mother
  • I want to learn to set boundaries, etc.

Together we find out what the essence is of your question, and what is the best, lasting solution.

Therefore we use powerful, but loving methods, for instance:

1.  Individual Education Placing (Individuele Opvoedopstellingen)

This method gives a clear image of the dynamic between members of the family-system. Important is the place toward each other, the balance between giving and taking etc.

If there is a discomposure in the dynamic of the system, the love and energy between the members cannot flow.

Often you can see, that, because of loyalty, the children carry the load that belongs to someone else. Then ‘problematic’ behaviour (anger, fear, sorrow) can appear.

With an Educational Placing you can solve the problem, for example by ‘giving back’ the load to the person to whom it belongs. Then the child becomes free and the problem is solved.

It sounds very easy and most of the times indeed it is.

The method can be confrontating, but it solves the problem in the essence.

2.  Your child as a mirror (Spiegelkind)

By this method you learn to listen to what your child ‘tells’ you (with his behaviour or emotions) about your life.

In a structured manner the mother tells her concerns, her feelings about her child.

Together with her I ‘translate’ the story, so she dicovers what the child wants to tell hér.

After that we continue the process with a dialogue or with an Education Placing.

Working with these two methods I focus on the mother. It is not necessary that the child is present. The solution automatically influences at the child.

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