Overcoming New Working Mum Challenges

Business woman

Being a new mum is an exciting time filled with joyous occasions and challenges alike. If you are one of the 53 percent of Australian women who will return to work after having your baby, according to abs.gov.au, a whole set of unique challenges awaits you.

Feeling Guilty

As a new mummy heading back to work, your desire to be there for your child and tend to his or her every need will be challenged. But, it’s still your responsibility to see that everything runs smoothly while you are away. You may feel guilty about your divided time spent away from your child, but finding someone dependable to care for your baby while at work can make things easier.

MyChild is an online portal to finding information on different types of child care and even provides resources on how to get cost assistance.

The Car Seat Shuffle

You have precious cargo now and car seat safety is of the utmost importance. If you are lucky, you will have the luxury of splitting drop off and pick up duties with your dear husband. But with this luxury comes the struggle of switching those not-so-lightweight safety seats from one car to the next, over and over again. Winter-chilled fingers and the universal latching system are certainly not an ideal pairing.

Consider investing in a backup seat or two to use. The Facebook Group Car Seats for the Littles can offer personalized advice on the best car seat options for your individual situation.

Shopping Hiatus

At some point during the transition into motherhood, the idea of shopping for your little one becomes more appealing than shopping for yourself. Whether it’s the lack of time to meander around your favorite shopping centre or a desire to stay as far from a fitting room as possible, if your closet is getting a bit stale, it’s time to look into Internet shopping.

Stores like Macy’s offer shipping to Australia now, where you can find everything from cardis to runners — and household items too — without lugging your little one all around town. Wait for the yearly Cyber Monday sale to really get all the bang out of your mommy shopping bucks.

Handling Stress

You spent a long day at the office dealing with a demanding boss, bodgy co-workers and office goss, and now you must come home to a fussy baby, unkempt kitchen and a to-do list as long as your arm. Of course the stress is bound to get to you and often our loved ones take the brunt of it.

Instead of calling in a sickie, spend a few moments each day to focus on you. Find something that helps clear your mind, even for just a few moments, so you can relax and refocus on being the good mum you are. Something as simple as an at-home yoga program may be all it takes.

Guest post by Brooke Martins. Brooke knows where to find all the best deals on stylish clothing, awesome home gadgets and baby gear.

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