Professional Parents Network meeting 22nd November 2013 Delft, The Netherlands

PPN 22Nov13

Our final Professional Parents Network meeting for 2013 was held on the 22nd November in Delft, The Netherlands.  What is Professional Parents?  You can read a little in the about section of this site if you haven’t already, but basically a Professional Parent is anyone who is combining a career with children.  Mamas, papas, babies and children all welcome and we discuss issues relating to family business balance.

Great to see our local group in Delft growing and we had the following ladies joining us at Blueberry Cafe:

For the first time, we also incorporated a Google Hangouts session, where others could join in online and we had four more joining us:

The first three were located in The Netherlands as well and it was wonderful to have Tammy joining us from Australia!  (Which is where Professional Parents originally started, you can see some of the past events here).

It would be great to connect more regularly with people all over the world balancing business and family.  We plan on holding more regular online hangout sessions, if you’d like to receive an invite, please follow the Professional Parents Page on Google+ or contact us.

With all the photographers involved, next time we’ll have to get some better photos!  I only took this quick one above on my iPhone which I don’t think really reflects the lovely morning we had connecting and sharing experiences.

We talked about a number of themes we all deal with when juggling a job or business with being a parent, including guilt, finding balance, the best times to work, child care, how to find part time work, starting up a business and much more.  We all agreed that single parents have a particularly hard time and all of us have unique challenges.  Overall, doing what you love and finding support are two things that can really help.  Professional Parents aims to offer a way to connect with others in a similar situation and discuss these type of topics.

There will be monthly meetings held in Delft, The Netherlands in 2014 and other events planned as well – if you’re based in The Netherlands, please come and join our Professional Parents NL Facebook group.

Post by Renée Veldman-Tentori.

No matter where you are in the world, please come and join the community over on the Professional Parents Worldwide Facebook Page.  You can also sign up for the enewsletter (form on the right hand side of this page) or follow us on Twitter or Pinterest.

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