Business Travel with Kids: Make Your Next Trip a Success

Business woman with son

Taking your children along while you travel for work can be challenging if you are not Angelina Jolie, but taking a business trip with children doesn’t have to be something that is reserved for the rich and famous. With a little planning, you can transform your next business trip into a fun-filled mini-holiday for you and your little ones.

Bring Support

It takes a village to raise a child, and just because you are living the village doesn’t mean that you have to leave your support community behind. If possible, bring a nanny. You don’t have to hire an expensive professional, but it could be incredibly helpful to bring along a trusted teenager, a young college student or even a family member to help with the children. If you prefer to hire a nanny once you get to your destination, you can use an online babysitting database such as While the kids and the babysitter hang out at the hotel pool, you can attend your meetings, and at the end of the day, you can rendezvous.


Next to bribery, distraction may be the most essential parenting tool. Before jumping on your flight, buy your child a few new toys. Simple manipulatives, a coloring book of their favorite cartoon characters, online learning game or an activity book are perfect. Make sure that you don’t just hand over the loot right away. Strategically give your child the distractions when you need them the most. A quiet child playing a tablet game in the corner of a board room meeting will not bother anybody. If Internet safety is a concern, sites such as offer guidance for keeping your kids safe online.


If you forget to feed your child, you may end up with a screaming monster on your hands. This can easily be avoided with a bag full of healthy snacks. Cheese sticks, nuts and fruit are all must-have staples. If you want to avoid late night or early morning hunger meltdowns, advises you to book hotel rooms equipped with a fridge.

Holiday Fun

The more fun you let your children have while you are together, the easier it will be for them to behave while you are busy. In between meetings, take advantage of the tourist activities at your destination. If you use business credit cards for travel, you may get access to concierge services that can help you discover local restaurants and attractions. If possible, add a few days at the end of your business trip to be used as a mini holiday.

Kids Club

Because so many business travelers arrive with kids in tow and because even leisure travelers need a break from the kids once in a while, hotels all over Australia offer kids clubs. You should always check with the hotel to see if they offer this fabulous amenity before you book your room, notes While you rush around at your convention or close the deal at a long business lunch, your kids can enjoy everything from cooking lessons to ice skating at a kids club. If you can’t find a hotel that offers this, look for for day camps or recreational activities.

This is a guest post by Jeannie Nunez.  Jeannie has an incurable case of wanderlust and blogs about her travel adventures.

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