Product Review: Friendship Book for Kids on The Move

Happy So Lucky Friendship Book

I had the pleasure of meeting Petra recently at one of my Zestee Social Media School workshops.  Petra is an illustrator and graphic designer, and from the moment you open her website Happy So Lucky, you are exposed to a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour.  Have a click through on the images on the website for examples of her amazing work.

Since our little Dutch Australian girls are (aged 4 and 6) started school in The Netherlands last year, I have seen a variety of friendship books that they bring home regularly to fill out.  None of them are as beautiful as this Friendship Book for Kids on The Move. Click on that link to take a flick through this book sure to be a favourite with both kids and their parents!

Designed with expat kids in mind (with a world map and languages spoken for example), this bright and colourful A4 sized book has space for 37 friends and also for some teacher details as well.

Happy So Lucky Friendship Book Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 8.11.54 AM

Priced really reasonably at 15 euros, it’s a really perfect present for birthdays, Sinterklaas or Christmas. Petra is based in Delft, The Netherlands, but these books can be shipped worldwide.  Visit the Happy So Lucky Etsy store to order.

Not only is this book delightful for any child to receive, after having their friends fill it out, it will become a treasured keepsake.


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