So what's next? At a crossroads in my life

Green crossroad

I’m at a crossroads in my life.  Again. Until now, here’s a quick summary of my life of the big crossroads, or “so what’s next” moments in my life….

  • Born in Brisbane, Australia.  Baby, toddler development.  So what’s next?
  • Kindergarten and Pre School.  So what’s next?
  • Primary School.  So what’s next?
  • Our family moved from Brisbane (city) to Maleny (country).  So what’s next?
  • More Primary School.  So what’s next?
  • High School.  So what’s next?

The decisions above were all made for me.  Then I started making them myself.

  • Job or university?  Decided on a full time job.  So what’s next?
  • A series of full time jobs, building a career in the travel industry and some overseas trips to begin to explore the world.  So what’s next?
  • Moving to the UK with an ancestry visa to “try life abroad”.  So what’s next?
  • Moved to The Netherlands to be with a Dutch man I’d met travelling.  So what’s next?

Here, I started making decisions as part of a couple, and then as part of my own family.

  • Realised to integrate into life in The Netherlands, I needed to learn Dutch and get a degree.  Started working on both.  So what’s next?
  • We got married and had our first child.  So what’s next?
  • We moved from The Netherlands (back) to Australia (in 2007).  So what’s next?
  • I finished my degree, we had another child, bought a house and I started a business (Zestee) as well as what have become two ongoing side projects (Dutch Australian & Professional Parents).  Yes, started doing a few “what’s next” all in one go both in this post and in life!  So what’s next?
  • We relocated (mid 2012) back to The Netherlands and spent some time settling (back) in.  I decided to restart my business (Zestee) here in The Netherlands in January 2013.   My husband has continued his career here.  My children are now both at school.  So what’s next?

Yes, that’s 38 years in what probably took about a minute to read.  It leads me (and you reading this) to today – as I type this post – motivated by quite some soul searching lately!  It’s quite a unique experience to firstly consciously recognise that I am at a crossroads, secondly to know that I’ve been here lots of times before and thirdly, that I have quite a lot of say in what the next “dots” are going to be in that list above.  However, that is not an easy process and I’m feeling rather stuck right now.

Why a blog post about this?  I’ve blogged for a few years now and there are 3 main reasons why I love blogging, especially when I’m in the process of making decisions:

  1. I’m sure there are lots of others out there who have either been through this experience, are going through it or will go through it and I believe sharing helps.
  2. In a few years, I’d like to look back on this post myself, or show my daughters.
  3. The process of writing about this and sharing it forces me to think things through more clearly (using dot points and numbered lists might just reveal some clarity?  If not, perhaps some comments or re-reading later?)

So, what IS next?  The next step is for another blog post…..analysing some options.

Meanwhile, I’d love to know.  Do you ever ask yourself “so what’s next”?  Are you at a crossroads right now in your life?  Can you see the crossroads in your past?


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6 thoughts on “So what's next? At a crossroads in my life

  1. Kristen

    Great blog Renee. You have had to make many big life-changing decisions and that is tough. At what stage do you just stop thinking “what’s next?”. Right now, I am just enjoying the now, rather than trying to decide on what comes next. Give it a go 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks Kristen, totally agree with you, wrote this Friday night and have been thinking along similar lines of what you wrote – I imagined an image of drifting in a boat, and that drifting with tides for a while is a good thing – but in the long term it’s always been in my nature to want to have some control over direction (even if it’s an illusion!!). Actually have just been talking to the girls about how lucky we all are in our current life, we have so much more than so many people. But I still feel I need to have at least one small thing in my future plans that gets me really excited and gets me out of bed in the mornings – ironically, it may well be the things that I already have and that I just need to look at it from a new perspective, but that’s all part of this process. Thanks for your support and friendship though lots already 🙂

  2. Great blog post, Renee! I think no matter where we are in life, we always have to make important decisions, so there will never be a time when we will stop thinking: “what’s next”. We are changing. The world is changing. We have to adjust to new situations and with that comes the question: “what is next?” I think it is human nature to have plans and goals and when we’re done with one, we’re looking for something else to do.

    1. Thanks Olga – I totally believe that making no decisions is also a decision! I think I’d go a little crazy if I was asking myself “what’s next” every day but to take stock now and then when you know you are at a point where you have the power to make some new plans (like living in a new country), it’s a good idea to take some time to make some conscious decisions.

  3. That’s a great post, Renée. I wrote something similar in my diary and update it regularly. I like taking decisions (for me and my family), Some need time and some are spontaneous. I also like to decide not to decide. That’s also a decision. And I let things/life go and look what happens. Sometimes, taking a tough decision and wanting something badly that then doesn’t work out puts you back to case one (or whatever) and you realize that if you would have waited, you would have had other options. Sometimes it’s better to just go on and ignore the other paths and trust our guts that we don’t have to try them all out. But I need to have goals, to be constantly doing something. But I also see that doing less is doing more (and better).

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