Rebalancing Work-Life Workshop Amsterdam

In this post, I’d like to welcome Wendy Mackey-Jones from Solutions for Balance with this guest post and information about an upcoming Rebalancing Work-Life Workshop in Amsterdam on 02 November 2013.  Read to the end for a special offer for Professional Parents in The Netherlands.  Even if you’re elsewhere in the world, it’s interesting to read through this article to get to know Wendy and learn more about what the workshops covers – certainly relevant for Professional Parents!

Welcome to Wendy….

Wendy Mackey Jones

My oldest of my three boys is about to turn 10! It feels quite a milestone. When I look back on the last 10 years, it’s been an exciting, challenging time with huge learning curves and times when I wondered if I should give up on my own business and make life easier (though I know this wasn’t the answer!).

Even before I had children finding solutions to work-life balance was on my agenda and I decided to focus my post-grad research on identifying solutions to reduce work-life conflict. I loved doing this research and it was the start of my passion to support men and women to find a healthly, successful, balance in life.

As a native Brit, I’ve enjoyed living in The Netherlands over the last 10 years. I’m fascinated by their working culture, having the highest number of part-time workers in Europe. In the last 4 years the recession has played a key role in changing the dynamics with women entering the workforce, and more men changing from full-time to working part-time. Surprisingly, the Dutch ranking in a global work-life balance survey (Regus work-life balance survey, 2013) went down a few points from the previous year. They said that more of their energy is being consumed at work by having to pick up additional tasks, and that they are spending more time away from their family. Maybe this is reflective on more men and women going out to work?

Over the last few years, I have been working with a colleague, Marcel Stakenborg, on a new exciting programme to support business people to improve their work-life balance. Our eclectic mix of modern psychology to personal development with eastern philosophies to body, mind and spirit has proven to be an inspiring, effective and transformative process.

Work Life Balance Workshop

At the heart of our workshops is the aim to boost your wellness, vitality and health; sharpen your focus on what really matters and increase your energy levels. In our 1-day introduction workshop we offer you:

  • Easy tools to assess your Work-Life Balance
  • Practical exercises to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being
  • Effective methods to increase your wellness, focus and energy in work and life

Work Life Balance Workshop 2

The three main topics of the day are:

  • Where’s your body on your priority list?  Learn about the focal role your physical health plays in work-life balance.
  • Where’s your mental focus?  Explore how to direct your thoughts to build a sustainable long term work-life balance.
  • What does spirituality mean to you?  Discover the power of spirituality, meditation and relaxation to recharge your batteries.

Work Life Balance Workshop 3

You have the opportunity to experience our workshop on Saturday, 2 November at Centrum de Roos in Amsterdam. The day workshop is €150, which includes lunch, coffee, tea and a training book.

SPECIAL OFFER for Professional Parents in The Netherlands: take advantage of a 2:1 offer. Bring a friend along and share the cost of the workshop – it helps to balance the finances too!

> Information

For more information, please contact Wendy:

T:  +31 (0) 642 812 892
W: (go to our website and see reviews and pictures of our past workshop)

> The trainers

Marcel Stakenborg, PhD. Is a father of 2 boys with a 20-year career in demanding international sales environments. I have always been searching for practical solutions to balance my busy job and my family life. My goal is to help you to improve your work-life balance and personal effectiveness, by sharing my experiences.

Wendy Mackey Jones, Msc. Is a mum of 3 boys with her own consultancy, specializing in work-life effectiveness, resilience and connective workplaces. My passion is to help individuals and companies to become more healthy, engaged and productive; and my goal is to support you to develop unique solutions to improve your resilience, energy and work-life balance.

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