Why men still can't have it all

I’ve regularly heard discussions about whether women “can have it all” but this is an interesting infographic addressing the same question for men. Whether you are a man or woman reading this, I’d love your thoughts in a comment below.

An infographic by the team at College Degree Search

2 thoughts on “Why men still can't have it all

  1. AH

    I think guys are overlooked in the ‘have it all’ debate. Men who work because financially there’s no choice (or it’s the ‘better choice’ based on income and gender stereotypes) often feel like they are missing out on family time. Many don’t get the opportunity to stay home after the birth of the child, or are only able to stay home a short time. My husband will again only get a week or so at home with this bub- and will return to as work sleep deprived as I will be at home with the new baby.

    Dad’s groups are often focused on SAHD’s and run during the week. Day care and school events often run during work time. Working mums miss out on a lot too but I think the focus needs to be more equally spread.

    1. Hi there, thanks for taking the time to comment and totally agree with you! The idea of Professional Parents was born around the time I became a new mum but also when I was talking to a single dad friend of mine. I very deliberately avoided the “mum/mother” title for this website as even though it’s mostly me writing here, and it’s predominately women who have come to my events and engaged with me online, I think it’s a total family/community/society picture that we need to look at here. I’m pleased to see some shifts starting to happen and hope it continues and would love to hear more from both parents about the family work balance discussion and how we can all make it work! -Renee

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