Family Business Balance Tip: 10 Ways to Unwind

Family Business Balance Tip: 10 ways to unwind

I don’t know about you but I find it really tough to switch off and unwind at the end of the day – or at any time of the day for that matter.  Learning to be able to do this is an important part of finding your family business balance.  Everyone has different things that work for them, here’s just a few ideas.  Of course with children you may not always have much time to dedicate to relaxing so I’ve also learnt ways to unwind which can be done in just a few minutes!

  • Meditation: five minutes, fifteen or much longer, this is one way to clear your head.
  • Yoga or stretching: I try to at least stretch for a few minutes several times a day
  • Breathing: sounds simple but I’m a shallow breather and a few conscious deep breaths can
  • Music: Put it on the stereo or listen with headphones, even one song can revive you
  • A shower: just a few minutes of hot water can work wonders!
  • Exercise: taking a run or just a walk
  • Friends: catching up with friends for a chat/drink/meal is a great way to relax.  If you can’t manage it in person, there are lots of online tools like Facebook or Skype
  • Movies: I love settling down to watch a good movie.  Not enough time for a whole film?  Try a TV Show, YouTube clip or TED talk.
  • Read a book: My bookshelf has been really neglected since I’ve become a mama but also with the rise of technology.  There really is nothing like just curling up with a good book though and getting lost in it.  Not much time?  Try a magazine.
  • Sleep: Ok may not be technically unwinding, but going to bed early can work well!

I find that now the children are a little older (my girls are 4 & 6), I can manage most of these on my own which helps me unwind much more quickly, however many can also work if you have your baby or children with you.  My girls are super cute trying out yoga moves. This photo is a few years old but the girls and I still get our mats out now and then….(reminds me I should do this more often!)

Mama and baby yoga

Extra tip for Australian residents: When living in Australia I subscribed to Quickflix and could choose a DVD online, have it posted to me and post it back when I was finished.  Very convenient with kids.  They offer a free one month trial and now offer online movie streaming as well.

How do you unwind?  Anything else to add to this list?


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