Mobile Mums: How to Manage a Small Business From Digital Devices


balance business and familyWhat takes cunning entrepreneurs one step above a work-at-home job? Running a business from a mobile device. While juggling parenting duties. Sound outrageous? Technology has bred a new generation of business owners — savvy “mum-trepreneurs” who run a company supported by mobile technology. This tech allows you to make the most of naptimes and work on your schedule.

Financial Management

With applications like Quickbooks or Outright Small Business Accounting App, an ambitious business owner can process all financial transactions from a smartphone or tablet computer. You’ll have the capacity for:

  • Bank transfers
  • Online vendor payments
  • Accounts receivable
  • Billing
  • Tax calculations and payments

Even electronic payroll can be processed with a couple of finger taps using select apps.

Project Management

Create a schedule, track time and calculate payments at the airport or while on the train. Project management software helps business owners figure costs for labor and supplies, create estimates and keep a schedule. Project management apps combine time tracking with finances and payroll, which means all the bases are covered. Resource management software like NetSuite for the iPhone helps create and utilize customer databases, monitors sales performance and develops task lists for the on-the-go business owner. Using this program, you can pull up customer data and contact a customer directly from one device.

Data Storage in the Cloud

Cloud technology offers solutions for the entrepreneur who wants to forgo the paper cuts associated with traditional forms of storage, figuratively speaking. Filing in the cloud also eliminates the need for an office space. With online file storage, critical documents, such as tax forms and customer invoices, are stored that digital, secure server in the sky. You can access information and data in the cloud any place, any time. For example, simply show a customer a purchase order, whip out the phone and produce it. If you need a hard copy, forward the document to the customer via email or fax and print it out. Combine cloud storage with a mobile editor app, and you’ve got the whole document package. Generate a letter or fill out a form using the virtual or QWERTY keyboard. File the document and then pull it back up to edit after your next appointment.

Graphics Presentations

Sales representatives who carry around boxes of brochures and catalogs in the car truck are like dinosaurs. Today’s advanced businessperson uses their tablet computer to create and customize a virtual presentation that dazzles customers and clients. Through online photo management apps, you eliminate the need and expense of visual marketing tools. Your smartphone or tablet serves as the mobile portfolio or marketing package. Check out CustomShow for dynamic graphic design and presentation software. Other noteworthy graphic presentation apps include Web Presentation and Presentation Skills 1.0.

As mobile technology changes the business landscape, entrepreneurs no longer need to depend solely on startup funds to lease an office or buy expensive hardware. You don’t have to rely on someone else to care for your child so you can spend most of your day at the office. Run your business and keep living your life — with the one small device that fits in your pocket.

Guest post from Lisa Thomas:  A huge supporter of cloud computing, Lisa advises readers to do the research and find the cloud storage solution that works best for them.

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