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Natrice Grosvenor (and business partner Debbie Stahmer) co-founded MiniMoh’s Online Children’s Marketplace which launched recently. Both Natrice and Debbie have attended previous Professional Parents events in Brisbane and it’s great to have a chance to introduce her to anyone reading .  She tells us the business has taken over a year to develop. They took 3 months of research and development prior to even beginning the project.  Living with her family in Brisbane, Australia, and mum to Harrison (3) and Flynn (1), this Professional Parents profile is part of a series featuring people around the world who balance business and family.  Here is a glimpse into Natrice’s life and business:

How did you begin your business?  

Debbie & I were  having that discussion, you know the one ‘I need to go back to work, but what am I going to do?’ conversation. We were both wanting to enjoy the first years of our children and wanted a job that was flexible so that we could work around them and from home. We both have a love of markets and all things handmade. But struggle with getting out of the house with 2 kids, so do a lot of online shopping. Combine the two and of course coffee and cake and voila the idea for MiniMoh’s Online Children’s Marketplace was born

What was life like before you became a mum?

Crazy but enjoyable life before children, I juggled a few different hats, did Event Management at Fox Studios in Sydney, to looking after celebrites shooting movies and performing on location at Fox Studios in Sydney. To Marketing Manager in the wine industry for the last 9 years.

How does this compare to life after children?

If anything the event management gave me an introduction to sleep deprivation on a different scale. It certainly seems like a life time ago. It’s amazing how having children makes you feel like you age 10 years in 1 year. But the beauty of having kids is that it’s the most rewarding job!

Something  unexpected about becoming a parent?

Knowing what unconditional love meant!

Something unexpected about starting a business?

Really how much passion I had for something outside of my family. Oh and did I mention how much work is involved.

Greatest wishes for your children and business?

For my children to be happy in whatever path they choose in life. To know that their parents love them and support whatever decision they make (albeit sensible)

Business wish is to support other mothers in the position that Debbie & I found ourselves in and above all, be a SUCCESS. We don’t want to be the biggest or the best, just the most useful.

A recent moment you’re proud of?

Today, against all adversity we are managing to achieve our year long dream of owning our own business. In the last month Debbie’s computer died and she was off line for 2 weeks, my house was robbed and my laptop with my life’s work (not backed-up) went. So I had to start again. Above all of this goings on behind the scenes, Deb & I managed to pull off a launch of the business.

A recent challenge?

Having to start again after loosing all my work on my stolen laptop.

Advice to others starting out in business?

Go for it. Listen to your heart and take the leap of faith. If you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know if you could succeed.

Some of your favourite business resources?

Hoot Suite is a product that I love. It’s very handy when having to put status’s up over several social media platforms. I also couldn’t live without my iPhone. It is basically my office in one when I’m out & about.  Some other resources I use are:

What kind of work does your partner do?

My husband manages the QLD market for Premium Beverages a company that distributes Coopers Beer.

Is your partner and family supportive of your business?

Extremely supportive. I couldn’t have made this possible without the help of my husband and family.

How many hours a week do you work?

At the moment as many as I can. I try to fit in work between sleeps and late nights and early mornings.

Tips for work family balance?

I always make my family life a priority. I have made it a rule that when my kids are awake and home that I devote my time to them. This has paid off tremendously. I always leave weekend time for quality family time. Work only happens when kids are asleep. It’s hard, but I don’t want to use work as an excuse as a reason I can’t have time with my family. I made that promise to myself when I started this business.

A favourite PP business?

4 ingredients. The 2 women inspired me to believe that I too could achieve things after becoming a mum.

Describe your office:

Obsessively organized.

Describe a typical day:

Typical, what does that mean??? Every day is different from the next. The beauty is that depending on how the boys are tracking will depend on how much work I can get done.

What do you love about having your own business?

Meeting other people in the same scenario. Trying to get through life with juggling life, work, parenting and the rest. And of course having the flexibility of having important time with my kids.

What’s a myth about being a working parent?

Life/Work balance to a degree.

Do you use childcare?

Harrison my eldest goes to kindy 2 days a week.

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Thanks to Natrice for taking part and sharing her experiences of balancing business and family.  You can connect with her via the Mini Mohs Facebook page or of course via the website

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