Benefits of Exercise and Eating Better

This is a guest post from Matt of 4 exercises who presented at our Business Brainstorming 21 February 2012 on the topic of health & happiness.  The exciting news is that Matt has made exercise much more accessible for us busy Professional Parents with his new book, 4 exercises, giving a fitness programme we can follow 4-16 minutes a day, 4 days a week.
Here are some of the benefits of exercise and eating better.
  • Increase your fitness, energy levels and improve your self-esteem which = more happiness!
  • Reduce your weight or obesity
  • Improve your mental wellbeing by redacting feelings of stress, anxiety and depression = better thinking
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease (heart attack, stroke, poor arteries)
  • Reduce your risk of developing high blood press and type 2 (adult onset) diabetes (1 in 4 inactive, overweight kids will develop this, which you can help stop by getting your kids moving and eating better).
  • Reduce your high cholesterol (and your risk of developing it)
  • Strengthen your muscles and bones and reduce your risk of osteoporosis (for both women and men)
  • Reduce your risk of falls and fractures (especially in older people)
  • Save your time and money, your life and your family’s lives
  • Run around with your kids without dying of exhaustion
  • Participate in weekend recreation without sustaining an injury (e.g. Frisbee, kicking a footy)
  • Increased energy = better you, better life!


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