Redcliffe Festival of Sails

What a lovely way to spend Good Friday.  This is the third time we’ve gone to the Festival of Sails in Redcliffe and it’s always a smorgasbord of colour.  Yes, also big crowds which can be difficult with young children, but found taking a few deep breaths, keeping patient and having a supply of drinks and snacks on hand helps.  Here is Sophia checking out the programme…

Festival of Sails Programme

As you can see…plenty to do.  We arrived about 9.30am and stayed until 12.

Love watching the colourful kites:

colourful kites

Talked to two young guys (aged 12 & 13) who had buried an exercise ball in the sand and were doing flips by running and bouncing off the ball…wonderful to watch.

Exercise ball flips

There were roving entertainers – we also saw this beautiful bubble-blowing mermaid last year too walking around on stilts:

stilt mermaid

A tug-of-war was waged on the beach:

tug of war

And there was some amazing sand art (I later saw photos of this dragon with fire burning in his nose!)

Sand Art

sand castle

Here is a 360 video view

The highlight of the morning was the skydiving Easter Bunny.  The girls waited patiently for almost 45 minutes (as he ended up coming around a half hour later than scheduled) which is a long time for a 2 & 4 year old but they enjoyed the atmosphere and it was worth the wait.

skydiving easter bunny

And a video of the flying bunny:

A big thank you to the Moreton Bay Regional Council Events Department for putting on such a well run event.  Gorgeous weather and a lovely start to the Easter weekend.

If you’d like to see more photos of the day, you can visit my Festival of Sails Facebook Photo Album (around 50 photos) or the extended Google + Festival of Sails Photo album (around 130 photos).

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