Wendy Tadokoro – Organising Works!

Today I’d like to introduce Wendy Tadokoro of Organising Works!, a business which she has run for getting close to 2 years.  Based in North Brisbane, Wendy is mum to Ethan (10) and May (7) and her husband works as an airline pilot.  Her office is “a little small but organised” (of course!)

I knew when I first met Wendy and heard about her business, it was something very relevant to me and most parents in business…who couldn’t use a little help in organising their houses and lives!

Here is my email interview with Wendy:

How did you come to start your own business?

Always had a burning desire to work for myself and to enjoy working.  Decided that after 10 years out of the paid workforce that I didn’t want to struggle trying to manage work and family life.  Chose to work my own hours and control my time.  Loved setting up systems to my own life easier and decided to help other to achieve this.

What was your life like before children?

Much more freedom, more time for myself but not as much fulfillment.

Compared to life after children?

Hectic, a lot less structured but I wouldn’t change a thing.

What are your days like?

Make school lunches and breakfast, drop kids at school, put on washing, work on the computer for a few hours, grab a quick bite to eat, hang out washing, work a few more hours, pick up kids from school, make afternoon tea, answer emails, cook dinner, get kids into bed, more emails, read then fall into bed.

How many hours a week do you work?

Too many but I love what I do, probably around 30 hours on my business and of course all the unpaid family work!

Tips for work family balance?

Spend time on the things that do make a difference and learn to let go of all the small insignificant stuff in our lives that gets in the way of the bigger picture.

Some of your favourite products?

ScanSnap Scanner, QuickVue files, my laptop, small plastic containers and small sticky notes as page markers

Any professional qualifications?

Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment.

Are these still relevant in your own business?

Not really, nobody asked for qualifications – more so experience.

Something unexpected about becoming a parent?

The sheer amount of  never ending things that have to be done.

Something unexpected about starting a business?

The effectiveness of networking.

Greatest wishes for your children…and your business?

To pursue what they really love to do in life and do it well.  To continue to do the work that I enjoy the most and derive an income.

A recent moment you’re proud of?

Getting an editorial in the local newspaper.

A recent challenge?

To get the right help for my website.

Advice for others starting out in business?

Network with like minded people.

(Note – Wendy is co-founder of a great networking group in Brisbane Northside called B2BB – Business to Business Brisbane Networking.)

A favourite resource?


What do you love about being in business?

Having another focus and being able to think creatively rather just always being focused on family.

Have you uncovered any myths about being in business?

You can’t be superwoman but you can be good at something – and that’s enough.

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Would you like to know how Wendy can help you become more organised?  You can connect with her via the Organising Works! Facebook page or visit the Organising Works! Website.

She is offering Professional Parents readers a complimentary consultation for one hour to discuss and identify your organisational needs if you contact her before the end of April (terms and conditions apply).

Thanks Wendy!

Renee Veldman-Tentori



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