Debbie James – Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet

This post is to introduce Debbie James of Candy Bouquet, who is based in Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Australia.  Many of the Professional Parents I’ve interviewed so far have young children, but Debbie’s girls are grown up, now aged 24 & 25.

Debbie first saw the idea for her business in Townsville and when she returned to Brisbane  knew it was something she wanted to do.  Now in her 6th year of business, she offers a really wide range of beautiful bouquets, which are  a delicious alternative to flowers!

Here’s the PP interview with Debbie:

Life “before children”?

Lets see…..I was a bit of a wild child…

Life “after children”?

Slowed down somewhat now, but still have the “clown” in me

Approximately how many hours a week do you work?


One of the most unexpected things about becoming a parent?

Becoming a Grandparent.

One of the most unexpected things about starting a business?

The bookwork

Greatest wishes for your children?  And business?

Debt free

A recent moment you are proud of?

Creating beautiful gifts that people brag about.

Biggest challenges in business?

Making ends meet.

Advice to others in business?

Do the sums. If you’re not prepared to put in the long hours, then be very careful.

Describe your office:

Smells like chocolate, looks like a florist shop but you can eat it, very busy with lots of stuff around, posters on the wall but inviting for customers.

A typical day?

Go go go

What do you love about being in business?

Being able to create whenever I like – day or night and having a sense of achievement, even if it’s paying a bill

What do you think is a myth about being a Professional Parent?

That you have time to do the housework and the more money you make the better off you are…

Work/Life Balance tips?

Set an alarm on your phone to have meal breaks or drink breaks. Tell someone in your household that you are not permitted in your office “this Sunday”. They should keep you distracted that way.

Visit Debbie’s website at Candy Bouquet for a gorgeous range of gifts for any occasion.

Candy Bouquet

A big thank you to Debbie for sharing her story, it’s great to be adding to our Professional Parents People page so you can read about how others balance family and work.  I’m also excited to say she’s the first grandmother to take part in this series!Would you like to share your story?  Contact us

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