Brisbane mums celebrate International Work At Home Person week


Thanks to Lisa Boyle of for writing the press release below. Lisa is presenting on DIY PR at tomorrow’s Business Brainstorming session in North Brisbane.

Three Brisbane mums with successful home-based businesses are this week celebrating their choice of workplace during the International Work At Home Person Week running 5 to 11 February 2012.

Renée Veldman-Tentori of Professional Parents networking group and Zestee social media, Kelly Burstow of Be A Fun Mum (blog) and Ngaire Stirling of have all chosen, or happened upon, work at home businesses to achieve a better work and life balance for their families.

“The old adage of keeping work and family separate is outdated and not always possible or desirable with so many working parents caring equally about family and career,” said Renée Veldman-Tentori.

“Working from home was firstly a necessity and is now my choice. I run the Professional Parents group and social media business Zestee from my home office. Professional Parents is a growing community made up of a majority of work at home people. I provide them with professional development and networking opportunities that are really relevant to this unique workforce sector.

“Travel time is one of the biggest savings for me working at home, as it means I have more precious moments to spend with my family when my work day ends and my children come home from daycare,” said Renée Veldman-Tentori.

Kelly Burstow says she didn’t mean to start a business or choose to work at home, but fell into it by accident when in 2009 she started writing the Be A Fun Mum blog about her experiences parenting her family of six.

“I love the flexibility of working from home, around my children. I am there for school drop off and pick up. Plus I have the satisfaction of generating my own income from my own sources – being self-made feels more satisfying to me than working in a large company,” said Kelly Burstow.

“The power of the internet and social media has really contributed to the explosion of parents who now work from home. All that’s needed is a skill, passion or idea, coupled with a little social media know-how and a lot of drive to create a product or service of value to others,” said Kelly Burstow.

Ngaire Stirling had a brief stint returning to work in a corporate office after the birth of her first child, before realising home is where she wanted and needed to be; and in 2010 she started which is a guide to child-friendly activities, places and more in Brisbane.


Brisbane mums celebrate international Work At Home Person week continued

“As a parent who works from home I’ve found being clear on my vision and passionate about what I do has carried me through the good and bad times to create my business, which also gives back to the wonderful community I am part of,” said Ngaire Stirling.

“Work at home parents are intelligent, worthy and capable of running successful, creative businesses – working at home gives us the opportunity to continue using our qualifications and experience,” said Ngaire Stirling.

These three home-based businesses have embraced social media with a combined 26,263 facebook ‘Likers’ and growing Twitter followings, and are now sought-after social media trainers.

They have also come together to support Professional Parents, aiming to use their knowledge to support other parents going through similar work-life balance issues they have experienced.

International Work At Home Person Week (iWAHP) is organised by Support a WAHP, an Australian-based international online community of more than 10,150 home based businesses; and supported by Family Capers, an interactive and supportive community network, promoting fun, encouraging the social aspects of life and even providing business support for families.

iWAHP Week is aimed at drawing attention to the contribution home-based businesses make to the economy and local communities.

Support a WAHP director Cas McCullough says, “Approximately 68 per cent of Australian and 66 per cent of US small businesses are home based and yet there is very little recognition and support for people who work from home”.

To find out more about the successes of Brisbane mums during International Work At Home Person week, contact:

Lisa Boyle, Inform Marketing and Public Relations, mobile 0417 169 045.

***Photo and interview opportunities available with all mums mentioned here.


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