Tsu Shan Chambers – Yin Health


I’d like to introduce Tsu Shan Chambers of Yin Health, an integrative wellness centre for women and families on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.  She’s pictured here with her beautiful family.  Vanessa is 5 and Bo 3 years old.

Description of “life before children”?

Typical corporate executive with a husband living in the city of Sydney, working long hours with a lot of travel interstate.  A lot of socializing and eating out.

How does this compare to life after children?

My whole life has turned upside down since having children.  I do miss the travel and freedom of going out at a drop of a hat.  However, having children really put life into perspective and what is truly important in this world.  My children were blessings to help me make the appropriate changes to really make my life meaningful and real.

Any professional qualifications or training you’d like to mention?

Bachelor of Optometry (Hons), Master of Public Health, Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching, Avatar Master.

Do you find these still relevant now you’re a parent?

I appreciate the value of education and helped me understand and make the choices on the approach of how I want to educate my children.

One of the most unexpected things about becoming a parent?

That they do indeed grow very quickly and that you do get really clucky very quickly!

Something unexpected about starting a business?

How hard it can be to start a business with no client base in a commercial premises.

How did you come to start your own business?

I had my first child and wanted more life balance where I could work doing something I feel passionate about doing and enjoy doing and having some form of mental stimulation by running a business from home.

How many hours a week do you work?

It varies being self-employed.  However, I “officially” only work school hours and take a day off during the week to work from home and spend time with my youngest child.

Tips for work family balance?

  • Act as if you have all the time in the world – some things are not crucial to deal with and can wait.
  • Lose your need to control – empower others to help you (E.g. Employees, parents, in-laws, husband)

Greatest wishes?

For both my children and business – to be successful, prosperous and happy, making a difference in this world being in service to others.

A recent proud moment?

I realized some key indoctrinated beliefs that had been holding me back over the past few years and it was life changing.

Recent challenges?

Keeping cash flow positive during the GFC and quieter holiday period.

Advice for others starting out in business?

Make sure you have adequate cash reserves to last you for the first couple of years and take some time out for yourselves – balance is so important!

A favourite resource?

Resurfacing (Techniques for Exploring Consciousness) By Harry Palmer

A favourite Professional Parents business?

Kids on the Coast Magazine

Describe your office:

Zen, calm and friendly feel as soon as you walk through our doors with the faint smell of incense in the background with relaxing music.  Clean with living plants, filtered water and a comfy coach and book library to browse.

Describe a typical day:

A typical day starts by waking up and getting my whole family out the door for work/school/day care.  My working day varies a lot and I do jam pack a lot in my working hours.  I then leave to pick up children from school/day care/in-laws, take them to any extra-curriculum activities in the afternoon and then return home where I or my husband prepare for the next day, dinner & bath.   We sit down to eat dinner together and then play some games, puzzles whilst listen to gentle music in the background.  We always read books with our children before putting them to bed.  Once they are asleep, it’s me time with my husband!

What do you love about being in business?

Flexibility to work around my children and choose the hours I want to work; being stimulated mentally and still being able to work in something I am very passionate about.

What do you think is a myth about being in business? 

It is a myth that business is easy and that you make a lot of money.  It’s a lot of work and for a while, you may not make much money at all.

How do you manage childcare?

My daughter now attends Prep 5 days a week and my youngest son goes to daycare twice a week.  He is looked after by my in-laws for 2 days a week and spends one day a week at home with me during the week days.

Please tell us one of your own favourite products or services?

Yoga and Yin Shop (specialize in natural, alternative products for health and wellbeing).


Tsu Shan is kindly offering readers a complimentary yoga/dance/pilates class (Valued RRP $15) or 25% off any practitioner service until the end of June 2012.  


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