Open Universities Australia article

Was exciting to see an article in the Courier Mail Qweekend magazine today featuring my story of study towards my Bachelor of Business.  For more information about studying through Open Universities you can visit or phone them on 1300 799 241.

There is also an interview on the Today show which ran on the 4th January with CEO of Open Universities, Stuart Hamilton and where my photo was featured for a few seconds.

You’re also most welcome to contact me if you’d like to hear more about my experiences – overall I’d highly recommend it.  Click on the photo for a larger version.

Open Universities Courier Mil

Love to hear of other’s experiences studying, especially combining that with raising a family.


7 thoughts on “Open Universities Australia article

  1. What goes around, comes around. When my daughter and son were very little, their mother studied for her grad.dip. in children’s literature. For an assignment, she recorded (on cassette tape) my reading a story, to our daughter, in order to analyse the interaction. Not so long ago, my son, who 25 years later, became a sound engineer, presented me with a digitised recording of those precious moments, which includes me ~ sounding like a school teacher (which I was) ~ telling her to “be serious” and to tell me what the text REALLY said. 🙂 Do keep up all that good work and enjoy!!

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  4. Wow Renee – that is awesome! Such commitment and dedication to keep at it even after having the kids. I’ve been thinking recently about doing something myself, but it just seems so daunting with a 9 month old…you’ve inspired me to look a little further 🙂

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