Business Brainstorming 17 January 2012

A good start to 2012 with discussions at this Professional Parents business brainstorming session on Planning.

We talked about business plans and the various types from big thick documents to one A4 size.  Regardless of the depth, it was agreed that it needed to be an active document, referred to and updated regularly.

Once good resource referred to was the “Business Model Generation” book which gives a visual and easy to understand method to put together an effective business plan.  We went through the 9 business blocks of a business plan – visit the link for more information.  There  is even an iPad app.

Working on vision boards was a fun activity – the children also enjoyed flipping through the magazines and helping us choose pictures that appealed to us!  We didn’t get a lot of gluing done – too busy talking – but it was still a useful discussion to have about the power of visualising what you would like your life to look like.

It was a compact group today meaning we had a lot of time to talk, and catch up on what happened over Christmas and how school holidays are going for those with older children.  Thanks to the Mango Hill Tavern for providing such a great space for both kids and adults to relax.

Here’s the list of participants so you can connect:

  • Ngaire: Brisbane Kids
  • Kelly: Be A Fun Mum
  • Bec: Tumbling Tigers
  • Kate: All About You Personal Training
  • Dena:
  • Lisa: Inform PR & My PR Mentor
  • Steph: Melaluca
  • Belinda: BAC Photography
  • Renee: Zestee concepts


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