Market Day: Rock A Buy Baby November

On Saturday I was in heaven…not one but TWO markets in one day!  First, it was off to the Rock A Buy Baby Markets in Strathpine.  Arrived just after opening time of 8.30am, lots of eager shoppers waiting to get in!  These markets have only been running for a few months so great to see it grow so quickly.  It wasn’t long before we were inside and Isabella (2) and I received our welcome bag with some flyers & samples…and a lollypop.  This meant I had probably about 4.5 minutes shopping time while Isabella was entertained with that.  It was enough time for me to have a good chat with Rebecca from My Heart Flutters. She has some absolutely gorgeous handmade creations for a really reasonable price.  I’m actually regretting not buying some of her dolls (which were a sellout – not surprised), so will be looking out for her at upcoming markets.

Had just recently had breakfast so wasn’t ready for a delicious dumpling from Two Little Dumplings – but have had them several times before and highly recommended!

Was nice to see Tiny Wawa‘s gorgeous fairtrade products from Ecuador…the gorgeous animal hoodies are almost enough to make me wish for winter again (and I hate the cold!).

Nice to meet Briony from Itchy & Scratchy who offers a unique “nit control” service.  I’ve been fortunate enough to not have had this problem yet, though had a “false alarm” last week, turns out my little one just had dirt in her hair!

Bubbly Bubs is a preloved baby goods store that has recently opened in Petrie – I actually went to take a look today but was closed on a Monday, but had a peek in the window, lots of products for parents you might like to check out.

By this time, Isabella’s lollypop was finished so if you have a 2 year old you know that shopping and talking time is rather limited.  So I only had a chance for a quick hello and to pick up cards from other businesses but there were quite a few that seem well worth checking out:

It wasn’t until I was typing that list that I realised how much you can cram into one quick visit!  Apologies to anyone I missed, Isabella was getting a little out of control.  Though she was thrilled with her new purple shoes (and I was very happy they only cost 50c!).  What I really like about these markets is the mix of second hand (mums selling clothes etc children have outgrown) but also quite a lot of new and unique products.

Wonderful to see so many local businesses and hope you all had a great day.  I saw on the Rock A Buy Baby Facebook page that there were almost 600 people through the door, fantastic!  Looking forward to the Christmas market on Saturday 10 December.

Next it was off to Mamma’s Market on the Sunshine Coast…but as this post is already quite long and I really need to get to bed, that will be part two, coming soon!

Renee Veldman-Tentori

Professional Parents

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