Appleseed Lane Boutique Opening

It was an absolute delight this afternoon to see the manifestation of months of hard work today at the opening of Appleseed Lane Boutique.

Kavala Williams has previously built her chic kids clothing brand tilly&otto and has been popular at classy children’s markets in Brisbane and Jenna Somerville is known to many as the owner of online boutique store Milk Bottles (and also built the Kidding About Town blog).  As friends of mine, I’ve been privileged to experience some of the “behind the scenes” planning and it is no small feat that these two have tackled in pursuing their dream of a “bricks and mortar store”.

To their credit, all you notice now is the serene beauty of the store with a selection of  gorgeous unique children’s clothes and accessories.  No clutter or chaos here and if  you have an eye for detail you’ll appreciate all the small touches and beautifully presented products, such as this neat row of tilly&otto signature Coco dresses.

They have created a lovely, welcoming space filled with über chic products but still with something for every taste and budget.  I restocked on a bottle of bubbly bath from Sniff This! – the 4 fruits flavour (Mandarin, Lemon, Lime & Mang0)….both my girls and I love this scent sensation.

It was nice to run into new and old friends alike  while I was there – Emma Just from Mum’s Secret (also stocked there) and Louise from Louise Tee Photography (below, right with Kavala).  Look for her gorgeously unique box of business cards if you stop by and check out her Facebook page for some beautiful photos of the store.

I took my daughter, Sophia with me and found the store very child friendly.  She particularly enjoyed checking out the teepee and also liked watching the crazy wind today blow the leaves along the footpath.  It was an added bonus to have a  nice park next door for her to skip through on our way back to the car….all these things are important to a 4 year old!

Wishing Kavala and Jenna every success with the store and I’m sure that this talented team will go from strength to strength.  Check out Appleseed Lane Boutique at Shop 1, 11 North Road, Brighton (Brisbane) and visit their Facebook page for more details and opening times.

Renee Veldman-Tentori

Professional Parents: Family, Work, Balance


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