Soraya Bews – Child Talk

I’m delighted to introduce Soraya Bews of Child Talk.  Based in North Brisbane, she’s pictured above with her beautiful family including Zade, 4 yrs and Cailie, 1 year

Soraya started Child Talk in 2009 and describes her inspiration:

When I was on maternity leave with my first child I was looking for a project to keep me mentally stimulated at home and decided to create Child Talk. As a Speech Pathologist, I had always had a special area of interest in early language development and preventive therapy by empowering parents to stimulate language. Also, I had noticed resources for parents about all aspects of baby care but not about early language which is so critical for literacy development and academic and social success. So, put all that together and how could I not start my business??

Her description of “life before children”:

Life before children was all about me and my husband of course. We enjoyed eating out regularly in fine dining restaurants, we travelled to South America and within Australia. We were both full time professionals who did what we wanted when we wanted. It was wonderful! The thing I miss the most though is sleeping in until my body was ready to wake up itself!

Soraya holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) and Master of Heath Administration.   She finds these qualifications have been a big help in her role as a parent.

“My Speech Pathology background has been invaluable in stimulating my children’s development and not just in the area of language. During my working life, I worked with Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists and learned about gross motor, fine motor and behaviour management skills (although the latter is harder with my own kids than other people’s ;0))”

One of the most unexpected things about becoming a parent and starting a business is the same: How relentless it is

Do your children go to daycare?

Zade (4) goes 3 days/week and Cailie (1) is 2 days/week with an additional day with grandparents

Greatest wishes for your children and business?

For my children to know their passions and pursue them with enthusiasm and confidence. For my business to be financially successful while helping future generations of Australians get the best start to life.

One of your biggest challenges recently?

Managing my 4 year old’s behaviour.

A favourite resource?

The book The Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood

A recent proud moment?

To be asked by Pinky McKay to be a guest speaker in a teleseminar series she is producing.

Advice she would give to others just starting out in business

Commit yourself wholeheartedly and don’t give up.

One of the things you love most about being in business?

Getting the satisfaction of shaping something from nothing.

What do you think is a myth about being in business?

It all comes easily and quickly

Tip for Family Work Balance

It is an individual call. If you feel right about your balance despite the break down of hours then it is right for you.

Take a look at the Child Talk website and Facebook page for the Child Talk: Strategies for Stimulating your Child’s Language DVD/Workbook and parent talks about the importance of early language and future literacy/academic success.

Soraya is kindly offering a discount to readers of this blog, email and quote “Professional Parents” before the end of September 2011 to buy a copy of Child Talk: Strategies for stimulating your Child’s Language for $20 + P+H (instead of $24.95).

Professional Parents: Family Work Balance /

Interview by Renee Veldman-Tentori,

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