Six alternatives to award ceremonies

I am sincere when I say I wish every awards nominee in any ceremony every success.  However as per my previous post “and the winner is…”, there is also a down side to awards ceremonies.  Though I am most certainly not able to solve all of the world’s problems, this is one area I’ve put some thought into and would like to offer six alternatives to award ceremonies.  Here are some alternate ways to consider get the benefits of awards (recognition and that warm fuzzy feeling!) without many of the cons I listed in the last post.

1.   Tell friends and family and business aquiantances how amazing they are

It sometimes seems easier to complain than commend.

2.  Write a public testimonial for a business which has given you good services

This takes just a few minutes but can be an ongoing benefit to the business.

3.  Personally recommend a business to friends and family

Taking an extra step, take the time to tell friends and family about great service or products.  This is made much easier with social media.  For example, I regularly visit a wonderful bakery on the Sushine Coast, Dutchy’s.  I use my iphone to “check in” there when we visit and take a photo of something delicious we’re enjoying to share with my social network.

4.  Buy a small present for someone you appreciate or admire

Have you ever received an unexpected thank you gift?

6. Submit a press release to your local media

You don’t have to wait for an award nomination for an excuse to send a press release to the media.

5.  Celebrate your own success – every day

If this comes to you naturally, that’s fantastic.  If not, like so many I know (including myself!) incorporate some way into your day to celebrate your successes – this could be as simple as a few reflective moments or more elaborate as treating yourself to something special.

So I hope this gives a new perspective to how we celebrate our achievements in business, love to hear your thoughts on this.


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