Mango Hill Tavern

I don’t eat out often.   Too difficult to enjoy my meal while trying to entertain and keep track of two very active little girls.  Mango Hill Tavern has that problem pretty much solved and it’s one of my favourite places to meet with friends for lunch.

The very lovely and talented Ngaire from and I have taken our children there several times this year.  We’ve had a delicious lunch and the kids have had a great time playing so we’ve actually had a chance to talk.  We’ve often gone on a Monday when Kids Eat Free!  For each main we’ve ordered, we’ve ordered a free meal for them from the kids menu.

Twice now I’ve ordered the Yum Cha Share Platter which was all so delicious.  The kids were happily playing and I did offer Ngaire some, but polished most of it off myself.

On my last visit I tried the lamb shank, also delicious.

Despite it being quite busy that day (a Friday) I don’t mind waiting when staff are so obviously working hard to make sure everyone is served in reasonable time.  Oh, and did I mention the kids happily playing?

There are plenty of high chairs for the younger children, and even activity packs on sale if you didn’t bring your own. The favourite meal for my girls is the pizza.   Even if you don’t go on a Kids Eat Free Monday, the prices are very reasonable and I love that it’s so much fresher and healthier than many standard kids meals elsewhere.

The girls also love the milkshakes, here is Isabella enjoying one on her last visit.  It was her 2nd birthday on that day – the same week the Tavern was celebrating its 2nd birthday! (first week of July)

As I’m sure many North Brisbanites would agree, we desperately needed a family-friendly restaurant with decent food, and Mango Hill Tavern has delivered.  So much so that I actually haven’t been there for dinner yet as I’ve heard it’s full most nights (weekends at least) but will certainly look at booking at table next time we decide on a family meal out.

The only thing that was a little difficult is that the kids tended to run in and out of the play area a lot.  I understand that children must be supervised and it’s not set up to “check in your children” but it’s also not practical to be standing with them in the play area the whole time.  Though it’s not a major issue, the sliding door in and out of the play area is right next to a sliding door to the carpark, so we had to make sure the children didn’t decide to take off outside.  Not quite sure how you would solve this problem and parents should certainly keep an eye on their children anyway.  However as a mum with young children (2 & 4) it is just a situation that has warning signs for me as you’d only have to turn away at the wrong moment, so just something to be aware of.

Though I haven’t had a chance to get to many yet, I like the wide range of events they offer, from Sunday Buffet Breakfast to Kids holiday Events to High Tea to Triva Night – and coming up soon is even a Ladies Night with male revue and champers.   You can sign up for text alerts to be kept up to date via the membership form at the counter.

I’ve also been to several business breakfast events there and found it a great venue for this.  They  are also the proud winners two years in a row of the Quest Business Awards in the Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment category.  I had the pleasure of sitting at the table next to the staff when they won this year’s award and it was great to see their obvious joy at being recognised for their hard work.

So check out the menu on their website and maybe I’ll see you there soon!  While you’re there, why not pop on over next door to visit Kylee and her team from Magic Moose for a fun haircut for kids (and dads too!).  If you’d like to find other family-friendly places, make sure you visit Jane’s great site, Eat Out With Kids and share your tips here.

Renee Veldman-Tentori


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