Billycart Markets Brisbane

I connected with Melanie Grace from Billycart Markets on Facebook quite some time ago and remember being disappointed at the time that her markets were only in Sydney.  Well, today Brisbane was fortunate enough to have their turn!

What a wonderful morning.  I spent less than 2 hours there but crammed lots of fun and shopping into that time.  The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming and there was so many gorgeous things to look at.   I met up with my friend Ngaire from and our children enjoyed exploring …well running around like crazy but it was a safe enough environment for them to do so which was great.

After Ngaire and I had a very delicious early lunch at Two Little Dumplings, I “checked my children in” at the Ladybirds and Dragonflies Childminding creche.  Just $5 per child per half hour, it was a great opportunity for my girls to have some fun while I had some “me time”. Watch below to see my girls pretty excited by the ball pit.  They also did some drawing and lots of other activities in their half hour.

You can also hear I was pretty excited myself  to have some focussed shopping time.  Bought some delicious lipbalms from Bubbleswithlub, a beautiful La Bella necklace and Kaboodle kalediscope kit from Wholesale Baby ….and put a whole lots of other items on my wishlist!

Great to catch up with some of my favourite Professional Parents (Nik from Wholesale Baby, Jenna from Milk Bottles, Chantal from Natural Babycare, Lou from Woolgrub and Danielle from La Di Dah to name a few…..) and meet new faces like Pam from Giggles & Scissors, Marlene from Crafty Mumma’s.

Such a huge variety of unique products, and also some gorgeous examples from local photographers Jessica from Essence Images (check out her great comp!),  Linda from Happy Stork Photography (we’d be in touch online but nice to meet face to face) and Casey Mcardle Photography (good value special in June & July).

Most unique business name goes to Krap Katchers!  So many cloth nappy businesses out there but this is sure one that will stand out (her fabrics are gorgeous too).  My girls favourite (apart from the creche) was Henry’s House – gorgeous teepees they thought were set up just for them!  (thanks for your patience Amy).  One more mention is Scarlett Honey for beautiful personalised presents.

So many talented people and could have spent all day wandering around and chatting but had to get my girls home. Though she needed some prompting to say it again in this version by the time I got my camera out, my almost-4 year old declared the morning on her own accord as “fun”….and I have to agree with her.  (And to explain the first sentence in the video, she was also very impressed by the lovely location at the Sacred Heart School and was convinced there was a princess in the main building!).

Great job Melanie!  Thanks for bringing Billycart to Brisbane.

Renee Veldman-Tentori

Work.  Life.  Balance.

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