Mumpreneur Diaries Brisbane Brunch

I am so excited about an upcoming event this Thursday in Brisbane.  The Mumpreneur Diaries brunch is on this Thursday 12th May from 9.30am-11.30am and it’s not too late to grab a ticket for a morning of wonderful speakers and networking…oh and some great goodie bags and raffles!  Click on the link above to book.

Somehow, I only just recently discovered the wonderful Mumpreneurs Masterclass run by the amazing Penny Webb but am glad to now be in contact and have enjoyed getting to know her through our chats, emails and via her online activities.  We certainly have a lot in common with our passion for helping other working parents achieve a better work life balance.   Though most of the events are in NSW where Penny is based, I’m glad she’s heading this way to QLD and am looking forward to meeting face to face in Brisbane on Thursday.

Here is a recent blogpost Penny wrote on the upcoming event, with tips from the fabulous presenters: Stacey Sullaphen from Sunny Mummy, Bianca Shugg from Peekaboo Magazine and Nikki Parkinson from Styling You.   I particularly like Nikki’s advice on “playing nice”!  Any one of these increadible mums on their own would be worth coming along for, but all three….PLUS Penny and many other mums in business – well count me in!  I’m taking the morning off work to be there and am sure it will be full of inspiration and fun.

Whether you are able to attend the brunch or not, there are a number of places where you can follow Penny’s great work online:

  • Working Mums Masterclass Facebook page , Mumpreneurs Masterclass and Working Mums Masterclass websites give information about the business and details of upcoming events
  • Partners in Time offers a great service to businesses with Penny (or partner Valerie from Inner-B) available to come and train employees about the importance of work life balance through fun practical seminars (You can also follow the Partners in Time Facebook page)
  • Her blog, Sshh Mummy’s on the Phone, is not only very aptly named but is wonderful reading for mums who balance business and family.  I love her writing style and have now subscribed to posts (click on the link right hand side of her blog) and look forward to each new insight.  Penny has also written a number of guest blogs and interviews, and I hope to feature one here on our blog soon!

Hope to see you there on Thursday morning,

Renee Veldman-Tentori

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