Erin Law is a remarkable woman who shares my passion for bringing together working parents to support each other. She launched SCWAHMS (Sunshine Coast Work At Home Mums) just six months ago, and her website, directory and monthly morning teas have already become a great success.

Her Facebook page describes her philosophy:  “SCWAHMS is a place for Local WAHMS to come and support each other, share advice, and save some time and money on things we need! It is also a great resource for locals – support a WAHM, and in turn help the community by keeping our money here!”

Based in Caloundra and pictured with her two gorgeous girls Cooper (almost 5) and Bailey (almost 3), she is celebrating her 26th birthday next week – happy birthday Erin!  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Erin at a Mamma’s Market (where she had a stand for her “other business “Piccolo Amico and we’ve chatted a few times on Facebook and the phone.  I’m very pleased to have the chance to share this interview so you can also get to know this energetic mum better.  I particularly love her answer to how many hours she works a week below, and her honesty with the unexpected side of becoming a parent – I’m sure many of us can identify.

Erin describes her office in one word – “messy” – but despite this she comes across as a very organised businesswoman.  Her partner is a personal trainer/motivational speaker so I wonder if this contributes to her success!  Cooper is at Prep and Bailey is in daycare 2 days a week, giving her some time to be able to focus on growing her business.  She also says her partner and family are very supportive, and I remember in a recent conversation asking her about her great media coverage, right from the launch of her business.  She responded that her mum gave her great encouragement to contact various media outlets, and I think all of us parents in business can learn from this approach.  Though PR doesn’t always work this way for everyone, she suggests that anyone just starting out in business should “be proactive in promoting yourself” and I think this is great advice, and if you’re lucky, can have amazing results. Erin has already been on local tv news and was also featured recently in the beautiful Profile Magazine (you can read that article online here.)

Here are a few more of Erin’s answers from our email interview…haven’t edited this section as I like how her sense of humour and openness comes across well – and we also share the same enthusiasm in the use of exclamation marks!!!

Is this your own business or are you an employee?

Mine , mine, all mine! Muahahahah!

How did you come to start SCWAHMS? 

I saw the need for a “one stop shop”  to help locals find all the best WAHM businesses, and support them!

What was life like “before children”?

Worked in Admin in a car yard, but was waiting for my “Mummy Life” to begin!

How does this compare to life “after children”?

Vast difference, but wouldn’t trade it!

What was one of the most unexpected things about becoming a parent?

Disliking it immensely at times!

Approximately how many hours do you work a week?

A bazillion!

Work Life Balance Tip:

Schedule your time, and try to stick to it!

A few of her favourite Professional Parents businesses and products? 

LOVE LOVE LOVE “Design a Cupcake” Cakes, and “Natural Babycare”’s range of “Sniff This” Bath stuff, Mm Is For Me and La Di Dah Creations.

A favourite resource?

The lovely Donna Hamer from Simple Online Solutions.

Erin has also reminded us you can subscribe to the SCWAHMS Newsletter via for the chance to win at $20 credit with the SCWAHMS of your choice.

So if you’re a mum in business on the Sunshine Coast and not yet been to her monthly morning teas, make sure you schedule it in.  Unfortunately I work in Brisbane on Thursdays and really disappointed I can’t be there myself but certainly looks like a wonderful way to spend a morning and I’ve had great feedback from friends.

A huge thanks to Erin for sharing her time, and part of her life with us.   Again wishing you a wonderful birthday next week – thanks for all your support of Work at Home Mums.  I’m sure you have a bright future ahead!

Renee Veldman-Tentori, Professional Parents

2 thoughts on “Erin Law: SCWAHMS

  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share with you Renee – I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together, and I love the way you write 🙂

    I look forward to networking (and perhaps just coffeeing!) with you in the very near future!!

    PS: Yes, exclamation points ROCK!! 😛

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