anzac day dad and renee

photo taken at Brisbane city 2008 ANZAC Day march with my dad 🙂

On ANZAC Day I’d like to send a heartfelt thanks to anyone who does serve or has served in the military and their families.  My parents met in the Navy, though both left active service before I was born.   I was so proud in 2008 to take Sophia (then just under a year old) to watch my dad march for the first time.  Regardless of whether you have family in the parade, I think it’s a wonderful experience to involve children in.  We missed the 2009 parade as I was heavily pregnant with Isabella, but went again last year with both the girls (this time Isabella just under a year old, and Sophia nearly three).

Of course they are both still too young to understand the true meaning and simply enjoyed the gaiety of a parade.  However I’m sure they were still able to absorb some of the incredible atmosphere of gratefulness present at these events.    I can’t imagine some of the situations many of the veterans lived through, and am so thankful that by doing so they have contributed to the safety and security my children have today.  Honouring those who served Australia in the past, and those who do today each year really is something special.

Another thing I love about ANZAC Day is that it’s an event which brings together generations.  I don’t think there are enough activities in our community where you see the very young and the very old (and everyone in between) genuinely sharing the same experience with such enthusiasm.

We’re not planning on attending today’s parade  – dad’s not marching and the girls are both at an age where crowds are a bit difficult to negotiate, but we will watch it on TV and plan on making it part of our long term family tradition.  Even when we were living in The Netherlands, we attended a wonderful service each year arranged by the Australian Embassy in The Hague (which Sophia seemed impressed by when I was pregnant with her, she kicked a lot!).

For those readers who are not in Australia or New Zealand, if you’d like to know more, you can read about ANZAC Day on Wikipedia here.

4 thoughts on “ANZAC Day

  1. I Love ANZAC day parades. Today we did not attend one as a family. Usually we have to be up at the crack of dawn for the ANZAC march as my oldest boy was in army cadets and was in the March. It sure is amazing when you hear some of those stories about what they did do in the army and those that did fight for our country.

    Thanks Renee for sharing your gorgeous photos of your girls.


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