You Sexy Mother Pay It Forward Luncheon

What a wonderfully inspiring luncheon today on the Sunshine Coast.  Organised by the amazing team behind “You Sexy Mother In the Community” (a not for profit organisation supporting mums, inspired by the book You Sexy Mother), around 50 gorgeous mums shared a couple of hours of sharing lunch and valuable motherhood experiences.

Jodie Hedley-Ward (author of You Sexy Mother) beautifully balances being both glamorous and yet down to earth.  Looking stunning in a pretty dress and multicoloured beads, she graciously welcomed guests and spoke to us all of her own highs and lows of being a parent.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jodie several times now and just love how “present” and engaged she is in every moment she speaks with you.  Whether it’s personally or to a group, in her books or in a presentation, she communicates from the heart and has that special “light” that so easily lights other people’s lives (and is also so modest about it which makes her even more beautiful!).

President of YSM in the Community, Vickie Johnson, and committee member, Donna Mortiz both also looked fantastic and it was obvious how much energy and passion they have for supporting other mums.   A huge thank you for all your organisation of today, to the whole committee (in their pretty pink boas!) and looking forward to all the other exciting things you have in store.

Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard of Styling You, Deb of Mookoo Design (who did Jodie’s wonderful website),  Sharny of Yummy Mummy TV and Kylie were just some of the other beautiful mums the others I had the joy of speaking to.  All the mums at my table – (another) Renee, Sarah, Claudia and others, was very nice to meet you and share some stories.  I also really enjoyed the company of my colleague, Leanne Ferris of Women’s Health & Mother Baby Hub at the lunch and on the drive to and from Brisbane.  (Leanne, Jodie & I in the photo below)

Held at Phon’s Thai in Cotton Tree, unfortunately I can’t comment on the food – it looked amazing but as I have an allergy to peanuts they have a “no service” policy – but that’s ok as I grabbed a fantastic vege foccacia just down the road.

During the lunch, Jodie explained the Pay it Forward cards we had on our table…these were to fill in a piece of advice, mine is below.

It was great hearing other mums advice, from the philosophical to the practical, and some have already been shared on the You Sexy Mother in the Community Facebook page.

The “Pay it Forward” concept is very simple, yet very effective.  All of us mums go through good times and bad times, and can be a huge support to each other – those we know, and those we don’t know yet!  By sharing some advice, or doing something nice for another mum, and expecting nothing in return, we can help make mums lives easier and happier.  Of course many mums do this daily but by focussing on it at the lunch and reinforcing how simple things can really make a difference, this will no doubt give many of us that little extra reminder and incentive to support each other.   Those talented ladies have even designed a pretty pink card you can use to hand to others to explain this.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Award Winning Body Painting Artist, Ayesha Henderson was also there to  “body paint” some affirmations/wisdom.  I didn’t get a photo of the gorgeous painted pregnant belly but it will no doubt be on the Facebook page soon.  Some of the affirmations (on arms and legs!) included “breathe” and “kids + career still = love”.

Whether you choose to be a stay at home mum, or to balance business and family,  today was a celebration of doing what is right for you as a mother, and not judging others. Every mum I spoke to today was truly beautiful inside and out.  So many other mums there I didn’t have a chance to meet, but perhaps our paths will cross soon, online or offline (feel free to comment below!).

A huge thank you to everyone involved for making it such a special day to remember.  It gave me that added inspiration to come home and give my children a big hug, and genuinely revel in the pure joy of being a mum, knowing that though there will always be tough times, I’m not alone.

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