Video Blogging: The next big thing?

I’ve always loved watching and making short videos.  Over the years I’ve edited many “productions” including my own wedding DVD.  That bought together more than 12 hours of video (from a number of cameras) into a 1 hour DVD, and took me months..but was a nice way to relive a day that went way too quickly!

I recently attended a great workshop offered by the wonderful and presented by  the charismatic Gideon Shalwick. and agree with the philosophy that video blogging is “the next big thing”…do you?  Though business video blogging has been on my “to do” list for some time, I’m pleased to say I’ve finally captured the motivation and some time to get started!

Here’s my blog from a very windy location on Friday….see if you can spot where I am!  I was on my own and took this using my iPhone 4 (with the neat little reverse camera function)

An upcoming post will be on some pros and cons of video blogging and online video marketing….meanwhile feel free to share your own comments on this trend.

12 thoughts on “Video Blogging: The next big thing?

  1. Great work! As the old saying goes, “Begin and the rest is easy” That is so true. Beginning is the hardest part.
    Looking forward to many more.

  2. Awww, love it Renee! I’ve done a few video tutorials but I have been thinking about vlogging too. Thanks for the inspiration! Sydney did look windy but beautiful!

  3. Thanks Kelly…and that’s an extra special comment coming from you, one of my alltime favourite bloggers! (Anyone who hasn’t already must check out!)
    One of the tips Gideon gave us re video blogging is that it can be much easier and more natural if you interview each other, so if you have some time someday soon, let’s do that if you like…might be a lot more fun than talking to my iphone all alone…;)

  4. It was all you that convinced me vlogging is the next big thing! I just have to work out a way of vlogging without being in it- I am almost phobic of seeing myself on film!!! I think it would be a helpful addition to a restaurant review- just have to get myself the right equipment….

  5. Well I have some great news for you Jane….check out this video blog I did a couple of weeks ago for the lovely Ngaire, I’m nowhere in sight! (just my lovely little models – um I mean daughters).

    Re the equipment, I stressed over this for a while but doesn’t have to be expensive. I now use my iphone or a Panasonic Lumix. If you’re going to buy something new there is a video camera Gideon recommended and i’ve heard others mention which you can plug a mike into – handy to avoid background noise (like wind!). I can look it up if you like. Otherwise there are quite a lot of HD mini video cameras on the market. Good luck, look forward to your first vlog!

  6. Thats a great vlog- I can see how that style would work in my world!
    I was thinking about asking for a Sony Bloggie Touch for my birthday- looks pretty basic- right up my alley!

  7. No question that video is big all one has to do is look at YouTube. The numbers of videos a day there is staggering. Great job on the video even with the wind. As someone else stated getting started is the key.

  8. Nice work Renee. Great to meet you at the Everton Park pub the other evening for dinner.
    Also going to drop ‘Gideon Shalwick’ in here to see if he’s switched on with monitoring 🙂 I’m still waiting to take him for a helicopter flight but would have been great to see him at the workshop.

    Cheers Mick

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