Fiona Micallef: Northside Twilight Markets

Today I’ve interviewed Fiona Micallef from Northside Twilight Markets.  Fiona lives in Warner with her beautiful family including Michael 4 years, Dante 2 years and Bella 7months – isn’t this a gorgeous photo!

Northside Twilight Markets are held on the first Saturday of each month at Nerangba Community Hall, Mackie Road, Nerangba.

I met Fiona via Facebook & we’ve talked on the phone and I love her energy and passion for supporting other parents.  I like any avenue that helps support local business, especially those who are home based and may not have other platforms to be able to easily promote their products.  I also think her idea for a Kids christmas in July is great.  This is going to be a market that is specifically aimed at families and children, there will be lots of free stuff there like a magician, clowns, face painting, and balloon artist. She says if any one wants a stand at this they need to get in fast as it is filling up.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF “LIFE BEFORE CHILDREN”:  I have worked in childcare for around ten years and love children I always knew I would have a family hopefully with lots of children. I got married at 21 and love my husband very much. I am working towards being a director of a childcare centre and running the markets to help promote those parents that have families and home businesses.
I have my Diploma in Childrens Services and have almost completed my Advance Diploma only 2 subjects left YAY

Yes definately everything I have learned has helped from all the developmental things to how better to teach my children also that sometimes they are who they are and no matter what you do they will be who they will be!


HOW ANY WHY YOU CAME TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? I am a very busy mother with three and as my husband is in sales because of the economy is up and down his salary is also a little this way so I am looking to run a business that will help our family financially as well as to allow me the freedom to be there for my children when they need me. I also have several friends that are at home mums trying to get home businesses off the ground with my buniesses I am trying to promote them as well to help them achieve their goals also.

WHAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST UNEXPECTED THINGS ABOUT BECOMING A PARENT?  How much washing something so small can create

WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR GREATEST WISHES FOR YOUR CHILDREN? AND YOUR BUSINESS? My greatest wish for my children is that they can grow up to be sucessful adults, happy and healthy. For my business that is is able to allow me to be there for my family.

ONE OF THE MOMENTS YOU ARE MOST PROUD OF IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS? My daughter started to crawl and both her brothers ran over and gave her a kiss and congratulated her.

FROM YOUR EXERIENCES, PLEASE SHARE ONE TIP FOR ACHIEVING WORK LIFE BALANCE:   I have a set time for things, i will set business time and when the timer dings computer goes away even if I’m not finished, My family comes first and always will. I love my children and Husband and I never want to look back and regret spending to much time when they were little working and missing out on them. The work will always be there but they will grow up.

A huge thanks to Fiona for sharing with us today.  For more information on the markets please visit:



There are already lots of great stalls booked for the next market on Saturday 5th February, such as Sniff This! from Chantal (it’s true, her products smell devine), and Big Fish, Little Cheese (gorgeous clothing at reasonable prices) and Cynthia’s Pettiskirts (my girls got these for Christmas and LOVE them) and Cunning Bumz for great cloth nappies.

Hope to see you there!  Renee.

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