Brisbane Floods

I wasn’t going to post tonight as I’ve been sitting in some state of shock today, starting at images online and on the tv today that  I can hardly believe.  Just yesterday I was preparing a blog post of “what to do with kids when it’s raining” and taking light-hearted videos of Isabella telling the rain to stop.  We were assuring concerned relatives in The Netherlands that Rockhampton & Toowomba were both a long way from us and we were fine. Today is a different story. 

I usually work from home on a Tuesday anyway but as it turns out, staff where I work in Strathpine were evacuated today, and looks like we won’t be able to go back for several days.  I just found a photo on facebook of Gympie Road, where I usually travel to work, totally submerged and I’m reading rumours that the bridge may have collapsed (photo from Facebook).

My husband thankfully left work at the airport fairly early on, but even then it took 2 hours to get home (usually a half hour trip).  Just in the last few minutes I started really worrying that he was taking so long and it was such a relief to see him walk in the door.  The girls were at daycare, which is just up the road so checked via phone that they were ok and they played happily today.  I’d like to say they were oblivious to it all, but despite my attempts to be calm this evening when they came home, Isabella was difficult to settle tonight so I think she knew something was going on.  Right now I am just so intensely grateful that my whole little family is safe and sound and we are still in our home.  Perspective changes so suddenly.

For the first time in my life, I seriously started preparing to evacuate and the emotions this creates are increadible.  Started a list on my trusty iPhone to clear my head.  It really is amazing to realise that there is very little that isn’t replaceable.

EMERGENCY LIST Passports Phone/charger Wallet Water Food Nappies/wipes Clothes Elf/dolly

VALUABLES Hard drives Laptop Photo CDs Photos Coins/stamps/postcards (a family collection)

I am lucky to have been able to stop this list before long when my husband was home safe.  With his innate knowledge of water and its flows (he IS Dutch after all), and looking carefully at maps and danger areas I’m accepting his assurances that we will be ok here.  We can’t travel far but have supplies to last at least a few days so should be fine.

Meanwhile though, my heart genuinely goes out to everyone worse off than we are.  Before it even hits its peak, it’s amazing to see the outflow of support in a crisis like this.  I’ve watched events like this from afar before (including just yesterday for other flood locations) but it really is something else when it’s so close to home.  I’m also just so very thankful for all the amazing leaders we have in the community who get out there and do what is neccessary in times of crisis.  THANK YOU.

So I’ve decided to still post today as firstly, it’s through reading updates from my social network on Facebook etc that is both supporting and reassuring at the moment, so wanted to contribute as well.  Though already a big fan of Social Media, it’s potential really shines in situations like this.  Secondly, even after just a few days of blogging regularly, I’m finding it’s very theraputic.  Sorting through thoughts in writing – (even publically like this!) – can be a really good way to deal with stress like this I think, at least for me. 

I’m also still going to post the video of Isabella telling the rain to stop, who knows, it might just work, she sure is cute, and so very precious.

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