To market, to market…

Today I had a lovely day visiting two Brisbane markets.

Baby & Kids Market has been a long time favourite of mine.  When I first landed in Brisbane in 2007, relocating from Holland with a 5 month old, there was very little we could bring on the plane.  Internet research before I flew out of Amsterdam uncovered details on this market being held Nudgee college in Brisbane so we came to check it out a few days after arriving.  Leaving with literally a car-full of baby neccessities at bargain prices, I was hooked! 

These markets were started by a very talented Melbourne-based businesswoman who also started the now very popular Mathilda’s Markets.  I understand she has now sold the Baby & Kids Market to Kidspot, but not before growing a good idea (of creating a place for parents to sell their 2nd hand good quality baby goods) into a fantastic resource for parents Australia wide.  I’ve been to more of the markets now than I can count (in North & South Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast), and even worked at a couple…which was a great way to cut down on the temptation to shop! 

Being blessed with 2 little girls who are now 1 & 3 not only means that they are lucky to have each other as sisters…but can also share plenty of clothes so I don’t need to buy as much now.  I always thought I would end up having a stall myself to sell the items I purchased over the last couple of years, but I’ve given away or donated most of the items instead.  Overall, I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to buy so many beautiful items at such economical prices, but also have the thrill of searching for bargains each time.  So today though I didnt’ really need much, I popped by for a quick visit.  My youngest was with me and wanted to buy just about everything she could put her little hands on…and protested very loudly when mama didn’t comply!  I ended up with a great swimming board & raincoat for my eldest (who was home with papa). 


Sophia wanted to put her new raincoat on straight away!

Next it was off to the new Mummy Tree Markets, created by two Brisbane mums and held “on the south side”.  As a resident of the “outer” north of Brisbane, I don’t often venture over the river, but was very glad I did today.  Several friends and past participants of Professional Parents workshops or playgroup had stalls there (the fantastic Tilly&Otto, Mm is for Me, Echidna Krafts, Milk Bottles, Rumbletums and more). 

This time no second hand goods, but gorgeous new and mostly handmade products.  Not only was it a wonderful shopping experience, with literally hours worth of breathtaking browsing, it was also a lovely atmosphere to just hang out with friends.  My daughter and I just loved the “Pineapple Palace” music tent, and we enjoyed Nadia’s gorgeous summery music (which truly captures the joy of childhood) there, as well as all the way home on her CD (well some of it she enjoyed in her dreams as you can see in the picture..)  

A huge congratulations to the Mummy Tree Markets organisers, Kim & Cinde, as several hours just flew by and I caught up with lots of friends all in one place, enjoyed good food (including some devine strawberry icecream!) and bought a few lovely goodies.  Not only were prices reasonable but I love being able to support parents who run their own business, knowing the money goes directly to them…and I get great, original products!  It’s exciting to see increasing options for parents to be able to showcase and sell their products.  Personally, shopping at markets is my preferred way to buy and it seems that this is a definate trend.

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